Joe Biden successfully managed to make Pelosi’s Taiwan trip messier

Joe Biden has found plenty of ways to bungle an already bad idea after Nancy Pelosi traveled to the fragile nation of Taiwan.

The brief, yet potentially disastrous visit, did little more than leave behind a confusing message to America’s allies in the region.

But Biden successfully managed to make Pelosi’s Taiwan trip messier.

The administration won’t heed the warnings

China itself and experts on the nation have been warning the Biden administration about the dangers of the Pelosi visit for months.

When experts specializing in Chinese history and government warn you not to do something that will “poke the dragon,” you should listen.

But Biden and his gang ignored the warnings despite repeated mentions of possible escalation.

To China, this visit is an invitation for the country to take back Taiwan and claim it as their territory, even though Pelosi was welcomed by the Taiwanese with open arms.

The issue is about more than just ignoring China’s threats: it’s about creating confusion not only amongst U.S. citizens but amongst our so-called government leaders as well.

So, how did the messaging get so muddled, and what happens from here?

What Biden and his gang got wrong

Allowing Nancy Pelosi to visit Taiwan did exactly what was foreshadowed: it stirred up China’s ire and forced their hand to respond.

Not only that, but the administration continually argued amongst each other publicly, making the spectacle even more outrageous than it already was.

If they would’ve allowed Pelosi to go there without making a scene for the media, China might not have reacted with such outrageous anger. 

Initially, Biden conceded that “The military thinks it’s not a good idea right now,” he stated last month after speaking to a pool of reporters.

At the time, that statement led most to believe that Pelosi’s visit to the island would be scrapped.

Biden testing positive for COVID shortly after making that statement doesn’t change the fact that it confused the media and constituents. 

Next came the claim by Pelosi that the Pentagon warned her that China would shoot her plane down if she attempted to make the visit. 

While China certainly made it clear they’d take swift action, there’s no evidence that anyone in the Chinese government made that claim, although a Chinese nationalist newspaper commentator did.

There’s a big difference between a commentator making such a threat, and a government leader doing so.

Even worse is that the Pentagon never mentioned this to Pelosi directly, creating an even more messed-up message.

What happens next?

Now that Pelosi is back, China has announced sanctions on her (and her family), but that doesn’t affect the average U.S. citizen.

What does affect Americans is the fact that China is threatening to sanction the entire country, which could have devastating economic results. 

Thanks to Biden and his band of bigmouths, the muddled message managed to make the entire trip even worse.

Meanwhile, the media continues to regurgitate CCP talking points, further sending conflicting messages to America’s allies in the region.

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