Joe Biden slammed his fists in anger after one rival used common sense to dismantle his radical agenda

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

As a result of Joe Biden’s reluctance to secure the border communities up and down the southern border are in total chaos.

Thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens pour into America on a daily basis with no end in sight.

But now Joe Biden slammed his fists in anger after one rival used common sense to dismantle his radical agenda.

Joe Biden’s inability to keep America safe will haunt him next year

The 2024 election cycle is heating up, and PresidentI Joe Biden already has some competition on the Democrat side.

So far two Democrats, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson, have announced their bids to challenge President Biden for the Democrat nomination

Last Monday night, Kennedy took his campaign tour to the southern border, where he live-streamed his findings to his social media followers.

“This problem is solvable, we just need an administration that has the will to do it,” Kennedy said in a phone interview with Breitbart News. “Everybody here is confident that it is manageable, but there’s no will at the federal level.”

“All together, people have come across right here from 117 nations in the last couple of years,” he claimed in his video. “In three years, in total 7 million people have come across the border illegally into our country. And from here, they’re brought to the Border Patrol station, where they’re processed. After four or five days, they’re released on their own recognizance into our country. And most of them are never seen or heard from again.”

“Last night, we spoke to Uzbeks, Kazakhs, people from Azerbaijan, from Bangladesh,” he added. “At one point, 60 people come across from Senegal. And they’re seeing advertising in their countries, seeing the sanctuary city programs. And there’s a huge industry that is making billions of dollars for the cartels in bringing people.”

By going to the border and reporting on the chaos that unfolds there on a daily basis, Kennedy is separating himself from other Democrats, who often refuse to admit that there is anything wrong with the state of the southern border.

Not only are so-called “mainstream” Democrats, like Biden, refusing to do anything to secure the border, but many are also actively encouraging illegal aliens to enter the nation with absurd handouts from taxpayer-funded welfare programs.

Joe Biden and his Democrat allies are entirely to blame for the Biden border crisis

For years, Democrat lawmakers across the nation have passed so-called “sanctuary laws” that actively encourage illegal aliens to enter the nation.

Many of these illegal aliens understandably believe that if they can simply get across the border and make it to a “sanctuary state,” like New York or California, they will have all their needs taken care of.

However, Democrat-controlled “sanctuary cities” are now crying foul after illegal aliens started arriving in their cities in droves.

Once again, Democrats are showing that they do not actually stand behind the ridiculous policies they voted for in the first place.

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