Joe Biden slammed his fist in rage after his biggest “achievement” was exposed as a front for the ruling class elites’ corruption

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

For too long the ruling class elites have been allowed to do as they please regardless of the negative impact it may have on working class Americans.

But that’s starting to change.

And Joe Biden slammed his fist in rage after his biggest “achievement” was exposed as a front for the ruling class elites’ corruption.

When President Biden took office, one of his first political pursuits was the so-called “American Rescue Plan.”

The American Rescue Plan was essentially designed as a bailout for Democrat-controlled states.

The plan involved taking money from Republican-led states that have pursued sound fiscal policies and redistributing it to Democrat-controlled states that have spent endless sums of taxpayer dollars on failed socialist special interests to ensure those Democrat-controlled states didn’t collapse financially during their authoritarian COVID lockdowns.

The newly-installed Biden regime sought to protect Democrat-controlled states from the consequences of Democrats’ socialist agenda.

States like Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and South Dakota – all of which run budget surpluses despite having low to no state income tax thanks to conservative fiscal policies – were forced to pay for the economic destruction that took place in states like New York, Illinois, and California.

The plan worked exactly as designed – Democrat-controlled states received a taxpayer-funded bailout in exchange for doing a terrible job running their states.

A new House investigation has stepped in, however, to investigate how these funds were distributed due to a “mistake” that resulted in some of the usual ruling class elite suspects winning big.

This discovery, if not made, likely would have resulted in much larger sums of this cash ending up in the hands of the wrong people.

The New York Post reported that Biden’s American Rescue Plan “failed to stop $127 million from going to deceased participants in a Teamsters’ pension fund.”

It turns out that the largest political ally of President Joe Biden was rewarded a massive chunk of the billions of taxpayer dollars handed out through this policy, far more than what we were told they would receive.

According to The Post, “the House Education and Workforce Committee sent a letter on Tuesday to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), demanding records related to the agency’s ‘mismanagement’ and ‘overpayment’ to the union pension plan.”

The worst part of this situation was not just the late discovery by the PBGC of this overpayment, but their reaction to it.

Investigators on the Committee noted a November 1 memo from the PBGC’s Inspector General’s office that indicated they had not only pointed out the extra money received for the 3,479 dead members, but they had failed to follow the same, regular protocol that they are expected to for any funding they receive.

The New York Post reported that “the federal auditor revealed that PBGC failed to consult the Social Security Administration’s Full Death Master File (DMF) before distributing the dollars to the Teamsters Central States Pension Fund.”

This is where it gets very interesting.

Committee members noted that “amazingly, in its response to the report, PBGC asserted that this payment ‘should not be subject to recovery actions.’”

That’s right, they’re refusing to give taxpayers money back to taxpayers.

The Committee continued by saying “in the same vein, the Central States Pension Fund claims it neither owes nor intends to pay back these taxpayer dollars.”

The Committee, led by Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-VA), has teamed up with Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) to sort out this mess.

“Taxpayers rightfully expect agencies like PBGC to take the necessary measures to ensure that their funds are protected and spent wisely,” Foxx and Good said in a joint statement.

“Instead, the PBGC’s reckless disregard of prudent steps is a case study of waste and abuse,” the statement added.

The Committee has expressed their full intent to conduct “robust oversight of PBGC’s negligence” and even suggested testimony in Congress.

While the President of the Teamsters, Sean O’Brien, told investigators that he “assumed” the federal government would have recouped any misspent funds, he pledged cooperation.

This is very contradictory to what the Inspector General, Nicholas Novak, had to say on the matter.

Novak told The Post that there was “no clawback function available to PBGC as part of the American Rescue Plan.”

This comes after a spokesperson for the PBGC previously “denied that the agency ‘improperly’ paid any funds to pension plans and that no deceased participants were immediate beneficiaries,” according to The Post.

Essentially, Biden overpaid his political allies, the agency that distributed the money said that they didn’t make this mistake despite the evidence, and that even if it did happen – which we know it did – it would be impossible to pay back.

This is a prime example of corruption at work.

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