Joe Biden said four words that may inadvertently reverse government overreach and even restore our military

It’s been nearly two painstaking years since the coronavirus pandemic began. 

Americans are largely exhausted with it and it seems like Dr. Fauci and the feds are the only ones who care.

But Joe Biden said four words that may inadvertently reverse government overreach and even restore our military.

Biden’s angry side didn’t go over well, now he’s trying to be optimistic

Well, Joe Biden just made an announcement that made heads spin and it might have major consequences.

Biden has been on a media circuit to support Democrats in the Midterms.

He tried Angry Biden at Independence Hall, but that backfired on him.

Now he’s trying the Optimistic Biden, but it might backfire just as badly.

Joe Biden went on 60 Minutes and said what many Americans have been wanting to hear for a long time, “The pandemic is over.”

Things are “changing” according to Biden – “Everybody seems . . . in pretty good shape”

In what was surely a scripted response, he calmly continued, “We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic is over. If you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape, and so I think it’s changing.”

The White House couldn’t walk the statement back fast enough. 

Twitter was ablaze with responses.

Some users were pointing out the current statistics on COVID, like Medhi Hasan a left-wing reporter for MSNBC. 

Hasan shared his monologue on Twitter and racked up over 250k views, “2 Americans died from Covid in the time you’ve been listening to me speak. Another 2 will die in the next 5 minutes. An expected 500 dead total for the day.”

Calls to “End the Emergency Use Authorizations” and all vaccine mandates

Others were quick to point out the national emergency should quickly come to an end. 

People were calling for an end to countless items that we’ve all come to deal with in the past two years.

Jill Savage, a BlazeTV reporter, took aim at the vaccines demanding the CDC, “End the Emergency Use Authorization for the jab and any remaining mandates.”

Ending the federal government’s “emergency use” powers isn’t likely to happen, as we just saw authorization on the newest rounds of boosters. 

However, there are other calls by prominent lawmakers to end mandates. 

Especially in the military.

Ron DeSantis posted on Twitter, “Biden declared the pandemic is over. So, when will he let those discharged from the military due to vax mandates return to protecting our country?”

This is an important issue considering tens of thousands of military service members have been fired in the wake of the vaccine mandates. 

Rep. Darrell Issa from California echoed the call for an end to military mandates, “If Biden really thinks the pandemic is over, he can start by rescinding his military vaccine mandate and restoring the careers of the soldiers that he helped destroy.”

Biden used “pandemic powers” for student loans – but now the pandemic is over

Others took aim at the abuse of emergency powers and other mandates that are hurting people.

When Biden said “The pandemic is over,” it was still required to be vaccinated for all federal workers, military members, anyone working in a Medicare or Medicaid facility, and those traveling to the US.

Biden’s DOJ is even still in the process of appealing to have masks mandated for public transportation. 

Rep. Jim Jordan reminded everyone that Biden used, “‘emergency’ pandemic powers to ‘forgive’ student loans for wealthy elites,” meaning he would like to use the President’s statement to block that move.

The house of cards that are Biden’s pandemic powers aren’t very stable right now.

It just takes a few strong-willed advocates to slam the table and they will all come crashing down. 

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