Joe Biden said four words about Hunter Biden on camera that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief

Screenshot via CSPAN

House Republicans are investigating whether Joe Biden is compromised by Communist China due to his son Hunter’s shady overseas business dealings.

But that didn’t stop the President from taking his son with him to Ireland.

And Joe Biden said four words about Hunter Biden on camera that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) are leading the House Republican investigations into Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals, and whether or not he traded his father’s influence for cash.

From 2009 to the middle of 2014, when Joe Biden was Vice President, Hunter Biden took 411 trips to 29 different countries.

On one of the trips to Beijing, China, Hunter landed a contract with the Communist Chinese-owned BHR Partners for a 10% interest.

Of course, that is only one of the many strange trips Hunter took during his father’s time as Vice President that landed him multi-million dollar deals.

Even though Republicans are in the middle of a major investigation into Hunter’s business deals, President Biden took him along on a trip to Ireland this week.

Biden also brought along his sister, Valerie Biden Owens.

Like Hunter, Valerie is also considered a key player in the family’s influence peddling operations.

She chairs the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware.

“The institution received more than $6.7 million in anonymous donations from China, including direct funding from the Chinese government — all after Joe Biden set up a program under his name,” Breitbart reported. “Email exchanges between Valerie, Hunter, and business associates show the Biden family planned to cash in on the family name at the university’s Biden Institute,” “The emails also reveal the business partners discussing ways to carefully distance Joe from financial documents outlining the deal,” the report added.

Once in Ireland, President Biden introduced Hunter and Valerie to the crowd during one of his events.

“I’m here with my sister, Valerie, and my younger son, Hunter Biden,” the President said. 

“Stand up, guys,” he continued. “I’m proud of you.”

In the past, Biden claimed Hunter was the “smartest guy I know.”

President Biden must have also thought Hunter was smart enough to pull off an influence-peddling operation without ever getting caught.

But as Republicans are slowly proving, that is not the case, as the walls are closing in on the Biden crime family.

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