Joe Biden nearly collapsed after hearing this devastating Hunter Biden news

Screenshot via CSPAN

Few scandals in Washington, D.C. are as troubling as the investigations surrounding Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden family. 

Whistle-blower testimony has indicated that Hunter and Joe Biden ran a corrupt pay-to-play scheme to enrich the family with millions of dollars from foreign actors. 

But now Joe Biden nearly collapsed after hearing this devastating Hunter Biden news.

The walls are closing in on Hunter Biden

Thanks to the diligent investigative work of House Republicans, it appears as if Hunter Biden, and the entire Biden family for that matter, participated in a wide range of corrupt activities in order to profit off his father’s power and influence.  

Despite the presence of overwhelming evidence against Hunter and his cronies, the Biden Department of Justice is unsurprisingly reluctant to drop the hammer on their criminal enterprise.

Nonetheless, Hunter was indicted on two misdemeanor tax charges and one felony gun charge earlier this month, but will avoid any jail time thanks to his sweetheart of a plea deal.

Although Hunter successfully escaped justice in this case, the walls are swiftly closing in on him, his associates, and family members.

Just this past week, text messages Hunter Biden sent to Chinese business officials with direct links to the Chinese Communist party were unearthed.

The messages, which Hunter claimed were sent while his father was sitting right next to him, ask for up to $10 million in order to secure access to President Biden. 

In a message to Chinese Energy Company CEFC’s associate, Gongwen “Kevin” Dong, Hunter Biden said “let’s put this to bed tonight … and get to work. I am tired of this Kevin. I can make $5M in salary at any law firm in America.”

“10 M per annum budget to use to further the interest of the JV,” he added. “This move to 5M is completely new to me and is not acceptable obviously.  If you think this is about money it’s not.  The Bidens are the best I know at doing exactly what the chairman wants from this partnership… let’s not quibble over peanuts.”

The very next day CEFC sent $10,000,000 to an account Hunter had access to. 

The Biden family could face serious consequences if the allegations of fraud are true

What these texts show is that President Biden’s son seemingly bargained directly with Chinese Communist Party members in order to sell his father’s influence over the U.S. government.

This is corruption in its purest form, and given Communist China’s recent hostilities against the United States, these actions could be considered treason to many.

The sad truth is, as long as Merrick Garland and Joe Biden are calling the shots at the Department of Justice, the Biden family will face no consequences for their actions.
However, a change in Washington, D.C. could significantly shake up this case. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.