Joe Biden may never recover after this top Democrat just dropped the hammer on his regime

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

You know things are starting to get bad when those on your team start turning on you. 

Joe Biden is just starting to come to terms with that reality.

And Joe Biden may never recover after this top Democrat just dropped the hammer on his regime.

Rule Number One in politics: never attack your own team

There’s one unspoken rule in politics that is still generally followed by both parties – don’t attack members of your own Party in public.

Now, this unwritten rule may be fading away, especially amongst Republicans, which is good to see.

Politicians calling out their own party isn’t happening as much as it should. 

But you never see an incumbent President face a challenge from his own party.

When Donald Trump was President, he had his select few enemies amongst the Republican ruling class elites, but for the most part, Republicans took the approach of simply not saying anything about him if they didn’t have anything nice to say at the moment.

And the same has been true for President Joe Biden throughout his first two years in office.

As the United States collapses from within and loses its international prominence, Democrats have always been in lockstep with Biden on every issue imaginable. 

Really, it’s astonishing, as more and more Americans wake up every day and realize that this isn’t the nation they admired just 2 years ago – let alone 10 years ago – as things keep getting worse.

But through it all, the Democrat establishment has not turned on President Biden.

Now, it looks like the tide may be turning, as one of the most prominent Senate Democrats has come out on the record blasting the Biden regime, and even the President himself.

Senator Mark Warner turns on Biden

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) has always been one of the Democrats who consistently stands by his Party no matter what happens. 

But Senator Warner has some serious issues with the current Democrat President.

While on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Warner claimed that Biden is worse than both Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence when it comes to their classified documents scandals.

The conversation started when he was asked if he has “had access to the substance of the classified documents either from Mar-a-Lago, from Biden, from Pence, any of that?”

“This is where the Biden administration gets an absolute failing grade,” Warner responded. “Their position is outrageous. You got Mike Pence saying yesterday as well. He would be happy to have the intelligence committee. He trusts us to look at those documents. You have this back and forth between the Justice Department, the attorney general publicly saying yesterday, he has no problem. That was what he said in one committee, then blaming it back on the director of National Intelligence. The Director of National Intelligence blaming it on the Justice Department.”

“We don’t have any interest in looking into the mishandling of the documents,” he added. “That is a Justice Department-appropriate role. We have a constitutional responsibility to see those documents, the classified ones, make a judgment, whether the intelligence community did appropriate protection and if those documents were to fall into the wrong hands, what kind of mitigation we could take. I am done with the lack of willingness for the administration to address this. Their position does not pass the smell test.”

As Andrea Mitchell was in a state of shock that Mark Warner would attack the Biden regime, he finished off his tirade against Biden.

“The outrageous thing is we got total access to documents, the raw intelligence when our Committee did the Russia investigation under Donald Trump,” Warner noted. “The fact that this administration is not even meeting the kind of transparency standards of Donald Trump is — well, you hear what I’m saying, Andrea. This will not and cannot stand.”

And this all begs the question, if Donald Trump was more open with allowing reviews of his classified documents than Joe Biden, why was Mar-a-Lago raided by heavily armed federal agents?

Did Joe Biden properly handle classified documents by storing them in his garage?