Joe Biden made this huge mistake that landed him in hot water with Clarence Thomas

Joe Biden has had a rough go of it in front of the Supreme Court.

The Justices continue to strike down Joe Biden’s lawless and unconstitutional agenda.

And now Joe Biden made this huge mistake that landed him in hot water with Clarence Thomas.

In February, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the Biden regime ending Title 42.

Former President Donald Trump put Title 42 in place during COVID to allow for the expedited expulsion of illegal aliens back to their home countries once they are caught crossing the border.

In order to advance Democrats’ open borders agenda, President Biden now wants to end Title 42.

Ending Title 42 will unleash an avalanche of illegal aliens into America, as experts’ predictions have suggested that an additional 400,000 – if not more – illegal aliens would cross the border every month.

A number of Republican-led states have sued the Biden regime over their efforts to end Title 42, but the regime has argued that the pandemic emergency is over so the policy must be over as well.

But that argument could run aground at the Supreme Court.

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY) told Fox Business that President Biden sought to have it both ways.

On one hand, Biden claims the pandemic emergency is over so it is time for Title 42 to go.

But Tenney pointed out that the Biden regime just issued an order mandating COVID tests for airline passengers arriving from Communist China due to the wave of new infections that country is experiencing.

“I think that it’s interesting that the Biden administration is all of a sudden now going to this ‘hey, we’ve got to be careful who we let into this country,’ Tenney began. “Maybe now we should still be looking at who is coming into this country because we’re not doing anything at the southern border. We have people coming across with COVID, with whooping cough, with mumps, measles, eradicated diseases and we’re doing nothing about it. That’s what Title 42 was originally intended for, a public health statute.”

Tenney added that it is absurd to enforce COVID restrictions on travelers from Communist China, but not against illegal aliens from any of the other 160 countries from which those crossing the southern border have been caught.

“So, here we are, it’s very hypocritical, I think, of the Biden administration to enforce these policies against the Chinese coming in, say to New York City, but not any one of the 160 countries that people are derived from coming across our southern border,” Tenney added.

When the Biden regime makes their case before the Supreme Court, conservative Justices, such Justice Clarence Thomas, will demand the regime state once and for all which is it – is the COVID public health emergency still ongoing, or is it over?

Joe Biden has tried to straddle both sides of the fence for too long.

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