Joe Biden made one incredibly hypocritical election-denying claim that left this crowd of Virginia voters frozen in shock

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Democrats and many of their RINO allies like to claim that Donald Trump represents some sort of threat to democracy.

At the same time the ruling class elites have repeatedly voiced their hatred for working class Americangs and have taken concrete steps to dismantle the very fabric of the nation.

And Joe Biden made one incredibly hypocritical election-denying claim that left this crowd of Virginia voters frozen in shock.

Joe Biden just reaffirmed that he is no fan of democracy

In 2021, voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia sent shockwaves across the nation after Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican to win a statewide election in the Commonwealth in a decade.

Youngkin staved off former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe, whose fellow ruling class elites believed was a shoo-in to win. 

Ever since, Democrats across the nation have fumed over this impressive victory, scheming up ways to regain power in the Commonwealth. 

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden delivered a speech in Virginia with McAuliffe in attendance. 

Biden started his address off with “Hello, Virginia, and the real Governor, Terry McAuliffe.”

“My name is Joe Biden,” he added. “I’m Jill Biden’s husband and Kamala’s running mate. Kidding aside. Thank you, Kamala, for your leadership protecting reproductive freedom and for so much more that you do.”

Almost immediately, X erupted in criticism, lambasting President Biden for his refusal to accept the legitimate results of the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial election.

Even Governor Youngkin took a shot at Biden, tweeting “Mr. President, I’m right here.” 

Of course, throughout his Presidency, Biden and his fellow Democrats have criticized former President Donald Trump and his supporters for daring to question the results of the 2020 election, pretending as though such so-called “election denialism” is the biggest threat to democracy imaginable.

First and foremost, somebody should remind President Biden that many Democrats have challenged the results of virtually every Republican Presidential victory for decades in the exact same manner Trump and his supporters did.

Thanks to the eye-opening findings of the Steele dossier, it has since been revealed that the allegations of so-called “Russian collusion” being the reason for Trump’s 2016 victory were complete fabrications. 

Yet, somehow, the ruling class elites are not convinced.

Biden’s claim that McAuliffe is somehow rightful Governor of Virginia is simply Democrats’ most recent Big Lie.

There are good reasons as to why Joe Biden trails so far behind in the polls

Most polls show that President Biden lags behind Trump, which is terrible news for the President as November looms. 

Even more damaging for Biden is the fact that his approval ratings are in the gutters, lower than any other American President in recent memory. 

Put simply, the American public has grown tired of Joe Biden’s incompetence, and it could very well tank his re-election hopes.

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