Joe Biden knew that it was over when this left-wing pundit asked one shocking question

There is just something not right about Joe Biden. 

Just about every day he blurts out some new jaw-dropping gaffe that leaves his staff scrambling.

And Joe Biden knew that it was over when this left-wing pundit asked one shocking question.

Playing the fool or full of himself?

Joe Biden has always been known for making outlandish and crazy remarks in his 50-year political career, but lately it appears as if he has lost his marbles. 

Whether it’s blurting out random nonsense at high-profile events, shaking hands with the air, or making up ridiculous stories about his arch nemesis Cornpop, Biden is showing signs of mental decline. 

At first, the radical Left was quick to deny Biden’s obvious mental decline.  

Often the Left would make excuses such as “he is just old-fashioned” or “that is how he has always been.” 

But now, the signs are too overwhelming to deny, and even the most radical Democrats are beginning to admit that something is not right with Joe Biden. 

Even America’s most radical leftists can’t deny Biden’s mental decline

Over the last several months, the unthinkable has happened to Joe Biden. 

He is losing the confidence of his most radical apologists in the media. 

Rarely do you hear a single criticism of Biden on the networks news channels and CNN, but given Biden’s visible and very public mental decline, even some of these fake news sources have covered this story. 

And when it comes to fake news, CNN’s Van Jones is the poster child. 

There are very few “reporters” who have spread as much hatred, lies, and distortions as this man has. 

But even Van Jones cannot ignore Biden’s steep mental decline. 

Even when Joe Biden is at his worse, CNN is here to apologize for him

While on CNN’s Outfront show, Jones claimed to all 15 of CNN’s viewers that “I think everybody is looking very closely now. I – when he does – when Biden does well, he does really well. That gun speech he gave, he was perfect. It was powerful. When he does badly, when he stumbles, you get nervous and you wonder, is it just his stutter, is he tired, or is something else there?”

He went on to say, “And so, I think that people are just looking. I mean, honestly, I think a lot of Democrats are like, if this guy’s ready to go, we’re behind him. But if he’s not ready to go, he should let us know. I think that’s what’s going on.”

Even when Van Jones tries to be critical of Joe Biden, he cannot help but wear his bias on his sleeve. 

The very fact that he thought Joe Biden’s gun control rant was “perfect” shows just how in bed he is with the Democrat Party and the Biden administration. 

Fake news reporters like Van Jones are a major reason why many Americans are tuning out of left-wing networks such as CNN and MSNBC. 

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