Joe Biden just made a mockery of these crucial investigations that could upend his administration

If election night proved anything it is that America is intensely divided, perhaps more divided than at any other time in recent memory. 

Despite this division, Joe Biden is making it clear that he is not a President who is interested in representing America, but rather his Democrat comrades. 

And Joe Biden just made a mockery of these crucial investigations that could upend his administration.

Joe Biden is arrogant with power and despises everyone who opposes him

On election night one thing was made very clear, Americans are very divided. 

Although the results are still far from final, control of both Houses will be by razor-thin margins, regardless of which party ends up coming out on top. 

Now more than ever, America needs a leader who can heal this nation.

But it is obvious that Joe Biden will not be that guy. 

Joe Biden is fiercely partisan and is making a complete mockery of his office and his power. 

One of the most disgraceful aspects of his Presidency is the influence that his crack addict son, Hunter Biden, has on the Biden crime family. 

For this reason, Republicans have promised to investigate Hunter Biden’s numerous illegal activities, the list of which is almost too long to list. 

Instead of taking these threats and allegations seriously, Joe Biden is treating the situation as a joke. 

Just the other day when Joe Biden was asked about these potential investigations, Joe Biden claimed “Lots of luck in your senior year, as my coach used to say.” 

He then went on to say “I mean, I think the American people will look at all that for what it is – it’s almost comedy.  I think the American public wants us to move on and get things done for them.” 

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, there is nothing comical about his son’s illicit business dealings and other crimes he has committed. 

Hunter Biden deserves to go to federal prison for his crimes, which have put America in serious danger.  

Not only did his illegal actions put national security in jeopardy, but they were also flagrantly corrupt. 

Hunter Biden has served on the board of multiple wealthy companies for the sole reason of giving those companies more direct access to his father. 

This is textbook corruption and the time to force the Bidens to answer for this obvious corruption is way past due. 

If Republicans end up winning the House, as is expected, then pursuing an investigation for this corruption must be a top priority. 

America deserves a President who actually gives a damn about the rule of law, which Joe Biden clearly does not. 

Hunter Biden and the rest of the first family are a national disgrace, and the only way to save face is to hold Hunter Biden accountable for his crimes. 

Joe Biden needs to be much smarter about how he handles these allegations, and laughing at them only serves to divide America even more. 

Hopefully, this mockery will give Republicans even more incentive to go after the Biden crime family. 

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