Joe Biden just made a head-scratching remark about the failing economy

It is impossible to deny that the economy is faltering without lying.

Every measurable aspect of the United States economy is in decline, and Joe Biden’s far-left policies are undoubtedly to blame. 

But that didn’t stop Biden from making a head-scratching remark about the failing economy. 

America is in a full-fledged recession

Under President Trump, America’s economy was robust and saw unprecedented rapid growth. 

Unemployment was next to nothing, GDP growth was constantly on the rise, inflation was very low, and the stock market was breaking records by the day. 

Joe Biden’s economy could not be any more diametrically opposed to Trump’s economy. 

401k’s are ruined, inflation is reaching almost unimaginable levels, the price of goods is skyrocketing, and faith in the economy is very low. 

This collapse of the economy in less than two years’ time can be directly traced back to the Democrats and their out-of-control tax-and-spend policies. 

Despite this obvious failure by Joe Biden and his cronies, Joe Biden is still grasping at straws to try and make it seem as if he is actually doing a good job. 

A prime example can be seen in some head-scratching remarks he just made at the White House.

Biden claimed, “I just want to say a number. Zero. Today we received news that our economy had zero inflation in the month of July.”

He went on to say “It underscores the kind of economy we’ve been building, the economic plan is working.”

What Joe Biden is referring to is the fact that official sources claim that inflation growth leveled out in the month of July. 

These claims of zero inflation are very misleading and fail to paint the entire picture. 

Joe Biden is gloating while middle-class Americans are suffering

While Joe Biden is gloating for this minor milestone, Americans are suffering on the home front. 

Prices for most grocery items are still rising, along with many other household goods. 

So even though Joe Biden is basking in his administration’s Orwellian redefinitions of words like “recession” and “inflation,” Americans everywhere are paying more and more for food, baby formula, and just about everything else they buy. 

This speech from Joe Biden shows that he only cares about himself and the political optics of this recession. 

He has deluded himself into actually thinking that he is doing good for people, despite every measure of the economy being in the crapper. 

This is partly because Joe Biden and his socialist cronies in Washington, D.C. are grossly out-of-touch with the American public. 

Joe Biden needs to realize that statistics such as inflation growth and average gas prices are not just numbers, but are actual measures that severely impact the lives of millions of people. 

Either he knows this and is purposely destroying the economy, or he simply does not give a damn. 

In all likelihood, the reality is probably a mixture of ignorance and incompetence, as well as a deep-rooted hatred for American capitalism. 

Although Joe Biden may seem like a bumbling fool at times, it is important to remember that he is still very dangerous and capable of causing tremendous damage. 

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