Joe Biden just issued a statement that has American drivers red with rage

Jleedev, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Political experts agree that the state of the economy will play a significant role in November’s election.

As such Democrats and their media allies have gone to extreme lengths to convince Americans that they should be grateful for Joe Biden’s economic “success.”

But Joe Biden just issued a statement that has American drivers red with rage. 

Gas prices continue to surge

Over the last several months, President Joe Biden and his campaign team have hit the road in an attempt to win over voters before Election Day. 

Defending so-called “Bidenomics” has become a top priority for Biden and his team, given that many voters tend to vote with their wallets. 

A quick trip to your local gas station demonstrates just how difficult of a task this has become for the Biden campaign team. 

Gas prices are once again surging, yet the Biden regime seems determined to decrease oil production as part of their environmental extremist agenda. 

Last Tuesday, in an interview on Fox Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, White House Senior Adviser Amos Hochstein laid out the Biden regime’s plan to cut back on American oil production. 

Hochstein claimed that Biden has somehow helped to bolster American energy production – even though virtually every action he’s taken in regards to energy policy has been in an effort to destroy the American oil and gas industry – adding that he “created an energy economy that supports the energy transition.”

She even went so far as to give Biden credit for the United States being the top oil producer in the world. 

However, Hochstein said that the White House does not wish to hold onto this title, adding, “But that is not something that we’d like to see continue just for — we want it to continue for the period that is necessary [for] the transition.”

Hochstein then claimed that electric vehicle production comprises a significant pillar of this green energy transformation, stating, “So, while we’re working to ensure that there are more electric vehicles built in America, made by Americans, and sold to Americans, that there’s… more renewable power, we still have that.”

The White House official closed with, “So, I think it’s hard to say the President has not done everything to balance that approach and to make sure that we have lower prices at the pump for American consumers and so on.” 

In a nutshell, Hochstein wants voters to give Biden credit for allegedly increasing oil production – even though this supposed increase in production would have inevitably lowered oil and gas prices due to basic supply and demand principles, if it actually existed – and simultaneously accelerating green energy projects. 

As exemplified in Tuesday’s interview, Biden regime officials have placed a heavy emphasis on electric vehicle production.

However, automobile manufacturers have had a very difficult time actually selling electric vehicles, which many consumers view as expensive and inconvenient.

The Democrat President and his regime have also come under fire for depleting America’s strategic petroleum reserves in an effort to lower prices resulting from their failed policies.

It is not clear if these strategic supplies count towards the figures that Hochstein and others in the Biden White House have made regarding American energy production.

But most Americans probably have a pretty good idea of what the truth really is there.

As gas prices surge, Biden’s job gets increasingly difficult 

The state of the economy often plays a considerable role in presidential elections. 

Inflation remains very high, causing immense strain for Americans all over the country. 

Unless Joe Biden takes drastic action to cool inflation, including rising gas prices, then he could lose on this vital issue this November. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.