Joe Biden just humiliated himself with this nonsensical claim

Over the last two years, Joe Biden has cemented himself a place in the history books as one of the worst U.S. Presidents to ever hold the office. 

Biden can no longer even put a coherent sentence together, let alone be able to effectively lead a nation. 

But now Joe Biden just humiliated himself with this nonsensical claim. 

It ought to go without saying that a strong leader should be able to communicate clearly with his constituents. 

Not only does strong communication help to get important messages across, but it also projects strength and stability to other world leaders. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden has become of the worst communicators to ever serve as President of the United States. 

Joe Biden is nothing more than the puppet of the radical Left

Not only is Joe Biden a bad communicator, but it doesn’t even appear as if he can put a coherent sentence together any longer. 

Having said that, Joe Biden’s latest word salad might be one of his most embarrassing gaffes ever, and that is saying something. 

Recently at a White House event to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Joe Biden claimed, “But here’s what matters: more than half the women in my cabinet, more than half the people, more than half the women in my administration are women.”

It was obvious that Joe Biden was simply trying to say that more than half of the people in his administration are women, (which in itself is a claim that has not been confirmed.) 

In fact, it would not surprise anybody to find out that Biden’s claim was a complete fabrication. 

But no one even got to consider that, because the gaffe was so funny, even Leftists mentioned it.

Social media goes nuts over Biden’s gaffe

And almost immediately after Biden made these remarks, Twitter erupted in laughter and concern. 

One Twitter user by the name of Nate Madden claimed, “Given what Dems now believe about “women” …. this might actually be statistically accurate ….” 

Another Twitter user named Phillip Holloway responded with, “I completely agree with the President here. More than half the women in his administration are women. He’s apparently not sure about the rest of the women in his administration.”

The fact that Joe Biden cannot even make a claim that is as simple as that is very concerning. 

This is the man who is supposed to lead the most powerful nation in the world through very difficult times. 

But Joe Biden is clearly suffering from rapid cognitive decline, and he is simply not well or fit enough to serve in any elected office, never mind as President of the United States. 

What will Joe do in 2024?

It appears more and more likely that Joe Biden will have a tough time running again in 2024.

He could even face very strong competition to even get the Democrat nomination.  

At this point, he may not even make it to the end of his current term. 

Americans should be ready for a messy and exciting presidential election season next year, given that a Joe Biden reelection campaign is anything but certain. 

Also, House Republicans must start weighing their options if it becomes clear that Joe Biden is no longer well enough to be President. 

Americans deserve to have somebody who is mentally fit to run the country.  

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline puts the nation is extreme danger. 

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