Joe Biden just humiliated himself after forgetting this key fact

Never before has America seen a President who is as senile and dottering as Joe Biden.

At this point, it’s a miracle if he can string a complete sentence together.

But Joe Biden just humiliated himself after forgetting this key fact.

Joe Biden is the most brain-dead politician in recent memory

There is no way of denying it, Joe Biden is no gifted speaker.

Almost every speech he makes he either completely screws it up or goes on some unrelated tangent.

Having said that, Joe Biden’s latest blunder is one for the books, and that is saying something.

While speaking at a White House conference on hunger, nutrition, and health, Joe Biden shouted out to Rep. Jackie Walorski of Indiana.

Joe Biden exclaimed “Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?”

He went on to say, “I didn’t think she was going to be here.”

The only problem is Rep. Walorski died weeks ago in a tragic car accident. 

The most concerning aspect of this exchange is that when she died this past August, Joe Biden issued a condolence statement. 

It is unclear if there was an error in the teleprompter or if he wandered off script but either way this is a horrible look for the President.

Instances like this make it abundantly clear that Joe Biden has a major memory or cognitive problem.

In no universe should he be serving in an important position, especially as President.

Gaffes like this one are a daily occurrence for Joe Biden and people are rightfully concerned.

What should happen in regards to Joe Biden’s failing mental health

Gaffes such as this one call Joe Biden’s ability to serve the nation into question.

If Joe Biden can not remember basic facts such as a sudden and tragic death of a member of Congress, then there is no way he can remember intricate details. 

A President needs to be mentally sharp, or else America can be taken advantage of.

Many people believe that it is time to invoke the 25th Amendment, which sets up procedures if a President is found to be incapacitated or unable to fulfill his role.

There is no doubt Joe Biden is not mentally fit enough for this role, but good luck telling that to the Left.

The radical Left in America will do anything to protect Biden until 2024, but then it is a mystery whether he will have the support to run again.

Many Democrats do not want Joe Biden to run and would prefer a younger person like Kamala Harris or Cory Booker runs instead. 

Either way, the likelihood of Biden’s cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment is a slim one.

The best thing conservatives can do is win this November and fight like hell in 2024 to reclaim the White House.

Joe Biden’s horrific record speaks for itself and it should not be hard to find a better option. 

One thing is for certain, 2024 is going to be very interesting.

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