Joe Biden just got some bad news from the last place he was expecting

Joe Biden’s Presidency is hanging by a thread.

His problems keep on piling up with no end in sight.

Now he just got some bad news from the last place he was expecting.

Democrats’ complete control over the government has been a disaster for the country.

The economy is a mess, the border is in crisis, crime is out of control, and the world is in flames.

America is at its lowest point since the dark days of Jimmy Carter.

As a result, Joe Biden’s approval rating has sunk like a brick to near historic lows.

With the Midterm elections coming up, Democrats are starting to panic.

They know the Midterms will be a referendum on Biden’s disastrous leadership.

Paper thin majorities in both Houses of Congress give Democrats no margin for error.

And Joe Biden was just delivered some bad news from a surprising source.

University of Virginia Professor Larry Sabato is your typical radical left-wing professor.

He runs the university’s Center for Politics, which forecasts elections.

Sabato offered a grim assessment of Democrats’ fate in the Midterms to Fox News.

“Democrats are in bad shape — some would say terrible shape — for the Midterm elections,” he said.

He weighed in on a major problem coming down the pike for Democrats, Title 42.

Title 42 was a public health measure implemented by President Trump that gave authorities the ability to quickly deport illegals to protect the country from the pandemic.

Biden’s CDC didn’t renew the measure, leaving it set to expire on May 23.

If Title 42 expires, a historic flood of illegal aliens and drugs is expected to overwhelm the border.

“The Title 42 controversy does nothing to help them and probably makes the outlook worse for Democrats” Sabato remarked.

“The dead giveaway is that moderate and endangered Democrats in Congress are raising hell and defecting from the Biden administration’s plans,” he continued.

Vulnerable Democrats have been scrambling to distance themselves from Biden on Title 42’s expiration.

One Senate Democrat, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, demanded “physical barriers” on the border.

Things are so bad on the border that after railing against President Trump’s successful border security policies, many Democrats are now agreeing with him.

These vulnerable Democrats are hoping voters are dumb enough to buy this phony election-year posturing.

Republican strategist David Winston says these vulnerable Democrats breaking with Biden shows how “clearly concerned” they are about the border crisis.

“Survey data on this specific aspect of the immigration issue is limited, but what is out there shows that independents, a critical voter group, oppose ending Title 42 by a significant 20-point margin,” Winston remarked.

Title 42 “is just one more problem for the president and his party that is going in the wrong direction,” he added.

Democrats are getting crushed on virtually every issue.

The last thing they want to deal with is more chaos on the border.

And Biden’s border crisis could spell doom for Congressional Democrats.

For the time being, these Democrats were granted a reprieve when a federal judge issued a temporary stay of Title 42’s expiration at the request of Republican state Attorneys General.

But there’s no guarantee that stay won’t expire between now and the election, and Democrats need to have a solution for the massive crisis their open borders policies have created.

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