Joe Biden just got humiliated for not taking this impending war seriously

America’s foreign enemies are on the march, yet Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel. 

Since Joe Biden took office, America’s position on the world stage has been severely diminished, and foreign adversaries are now closer than ever to global domination. 

That’s why Joe Biden just got humiliated for not taking this impending crisis seriously. 

The enemies of the United States are on the move, and our very national security is at risk.

The Russians are in Ukraine, the Communist Chinese are threatening Taiwan and Japan, and the Middle East, calmed under Donald Trump, has exploded again.

America is closer than ever to World War III and Joe Biden does not seem to care

All across the world, America’s enemies such as Communist China, Russia, and even the Taliban are making major strides toward their goal of world domination. 

Yet Joe Biden cannot even put a coherent sentence together, never mind lead the nation as we face down the possibility of the next World War. 

In fact, many foreign policy experts believe that World War III is just around the corner, and we simply are not prepared for it. 

In a recent interview with Mobile, Alabama’s radio’s FM Talk 106.5, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) outlined just how imminent World War III really is. 

Per Senator Tuberville, “We’ve got more problems in our military right now because of the leadership, because of the wokeness that they’re teaching – the CRT, the things that our kids shouldn’t be taught.” 

Sen. Tuberville added, “Unfortunately, I will tell people this, and everybody needs to understand this – this is the most dangerous time in my lifetime, and I’ve lived in this country, on this planet for 68 years. I’ve never seen us in such turmoil in terms of the Middle East now, with Israel shooting missiles in Iran, of course, Ukraine and Russia. I mean, we are teetering on the brink of World War III.” 

These are very scary words from Senator Tuberville and a warning to all Americans. 

The simple fact is, if World War III broke out today, the United States military would be in a very bad place to effectively fight back. 

Believe it or not, pronouns and race education do not get you very far when you are dodging bullets. 

Wokeness has absolutely no place in America’s military.  

The reason behind Joe Biden’s weakening of the United States military

The woke agenda that has been forced upon the military has crippled America’s military capabilities, and every freedom-loving American is now at risk. 

It is hard to imagine a sitting United States President making it his mission to cripple the United States military, but that is exactly what Joe Biden has done. 

And make no mistake, Russia, Communist China, and North Korea are taking note of America’s weaknesses. 

The U.S. military is simply no longer equipped to fight back against Communist China or Russia, which have invested massive amounts of money into their militaries. 

If America was to go to war with either of these hostile nations, or even worse, both of them, the results could be devastating and Republic ending. 

And that’s before even counting all of the Americans who hate the United States and would refuse to fight if called upon, or even join with our enemies. 

It’s time the American people and the politicians we elect wake up to these horrifying truths, or else every American could be learning mandarin Chinese in the very near future. 

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