Joe Biden just got hit with a truth bomb from this top Republican

Despite what the corporate-controlled media is telling you, the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the FBI’s attempt to suppress it, is one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the White House. 

Rarely, if ever, has there been such a deliberate attempt to manipulate the media to help a particular candidate (in this case Joe Biden) right before an election. 

But now Joe Biden just got hit with a truth bomb from this top Republican. 

“Twittergate” has the potential to completely upend the Department of Justice

If the FBI really did meddle in the 2020 elections as leaked documents indicate, then this scandal has the potential to completely upend the Department of Justice. 

Unfortunately, many Americans do not even know about this scandal at all, which is why House Republicans must make investigating this scandal a top priority in the next Congress. 

One House Republican who is outraged by “Twittergate” is Rep.Nancy Mace of South Carolina, who just unleashed on Joe Biden and the FBI. 

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s Mondays with Maria, Rep. Mace argued, “It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle that you sit on, but there are bureaucrats who try to manipulate the political system for political gain for their candidates, and that’s not their job. And if you are suppressing free speech as a government agency, then those individuals need to get kicked out of those jobs. We have got to hold people accountable.” 

She then went on to say, “We have a Constitution. We should follow it. The creators, what they created and founded our country on was brilliant. But the checks and balances need to be real. It needs to be more than just a headline, more than just a letter.” 

Although Nancy Mace is no hero for the conservative movement, she is completely right about this. 

If even squishy Republicans like Nancy Mace are fired up, then you know something is up. 

What “Twittergate” proves is that the FBI is entirely politically motivated

As Rep. Mace said, bureaucrats have been caught red-handed trying to manipulate America’s political system for personal gain. 

This is corruption at its very worst, and each and every America ought to be outraged. 

Republicans must make investigating this case a top priority. 

That being said, you can expect Democrats and the corporate-controlled media to do everything in their power to stop these investigations. 

Today’s Department of Justice and FBI are a complete and total disgrace. 

These agencies are no longer interested in enforcing the law, but rather they are interested in playing politics and making personal gains. 

Not only does this make America a less safe country as drug lords and human traffickers run free, but it also undermines America’s democratic institutions. 

There is nothing pro-democracy about the American Left.  

In fact, the American Left has a loathing for the very concept of democracy. 

There is nothing Democrats hate more than people who have opinions that are different from their own, and instances like “Twittergate” prove the extreme lengths they are willing to go to silence these opposing voices.

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