Joe Biden just got grilled by a fellow Democrat for causing the urgent baby formula shortages

Americans are facing new crises virtually every single day.

Things are so bad some Americans are going hungry for the first time in generations.

Now even Biden’s fellow Democrats are starting to turn on him for the recent baby formula shortage.

You name it, and Joe Biden (and his handlers) are making it worse.

Not only is gas reaching astronomical levels, but crime is surging, common goods are scarce and the economy is on the brink of a complete freefall.

But the most shocking and dangerous crisis the Biden administration is facing right now is the baby formula shortage hitting mothers across the nation.

Baby formula, which is an essential item, is in short supply.

This is especially concerning since many babies rely on this formula to survive.

Many children need very specific brands to fit their dietary needs.

But as it stands, babies across our nation are going hungry without their vital formula.

And while store shelves are empty for Americans, there’s one place where baby formula is in great supply.

Over the past several months, the Biden administration has been sending massive amounts of baby formula to the southern border so that illegal aliens can have a free supply of formula.

These illegal alien babies are well fed while Americans starve.

Fortunately, even the radical Left is beginning to wake up to the Biden administration’s role in the formula shortage.

Recently, even far-left Democrat Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut spoke out about Biden’s failures on fake news MSNBC.

DeLauro said, “Now, let me just talk about the FDA because, in fact, in September, they looked at the plant,” she continued. “There was suspicion. In October, the whistleblower’s report. They didn’t do anything about interviewing the whistleblower until December.”

She went on to say “Now, the FDA is culpable on dragging their feet and not holding Abbott (the formula company) to an FDA standard. Both of those pieces are being investigated right now”

Delauro did not mince her words at all, and it is abundantly clear that the Biden-led FDA is to blame for aspects of this shortage.

Whether it is shipping massive supplies to the border, or failing to investigate reports of contamination in a complete and timely manner, Joe Biden is in dereliction of his duty and millions of babies are going hungry as a result.

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