Joe Biden just got completely roasted over his anti-American energy policy

Joe Biden is doing a terrible job as President. 

Everything he has done, or tried to do, has been a complete and total disaster. 

But Joe Biden just got completely roasted over his anti-American energy policy.

Joe Biden’s energy policy is an unmitigated disaster

Almost from the moment Joe Biden took the oath of office, his Presidency has been a complete train wreck.

Perhaps his biggest failure has been his energy policy, which has been a total mess from the beginning. 

In fact, Joe Biden’s energy policy is so bad that even his allies in the corporate-controlled media can not deny it.

Last Tuesday on CNN’s show the Situation Room, Harvard Professor, economist, Director of the National Economic Council under President Barack Obama, and Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton, Larry Summers roasted Joe Biden for his energy policy. 

When talking about Joe Biden’s idea about increasing hydrocarbon taxes, Summers claimed “I think it would discourage investment in oil, which would ultimately mean higher oil prices. I also think that — I think that’s the important effect. I think there’s a secondary effect that if you reduce the cash flow of those businesses, less cash flow in is probably going to mean less investment out.”

Summers then went on to say “some of the problems that were created by an excess of hostility to hydrocarbons a couple of years ago and if there hadn’t been that excess hostility, we’d probably have some more hydrocarbons today and now we’re taking another hostile to hydrocarbons act.”

In a nutshell, two years of poorly thought out energy policy has created a perfect storm for the energy producing industry, which Joe Biden has effectively declared war on. 

Make no mistake, these policies from the Biden administration are no accident. 

There is nothing he and his cronies in Washington, D.C. hate more than American energy, and reducing their output is a top priority for him. 

Like always, the burden has fallen to taxpayers and consumers who are now paying ridiculous prices for gas and every good that is transported with it.

Why Joe Biden has declared war on hydrocarbons

The way Joe Biden and his cronies see it, the more expensive the gas, the more people are willing to switch to electric cars. 

But this idea is severely flawed because electric cars are not currently feasible for most Americans. 

This is a concept Joe Biden and his elitist political allies simply do not understand. 

To them, paying $60,000 for a new electric car is nothing.

Joe Biden is now scrambling to reduce gas prices before the Midterm elections, but it is too little too late. 

Energy independence is absolutely crucial, and having a steady source of American energy not only benefits consumers, but it makes America safer.

It also brings thousands of good paying jobs to America, and supports American industries.

This is why Donald Trump made energy independence a top priority of his, and Joe Biden’s mission to undo Trump’s progress is costing Americans dearly. 

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