Joe Biden just got caught in an open and shut case committing a seriously illegal act

Joe Biden is going to end up in court once again.

The odds for Biden’s success do not look good.

And Joe Biden just got caught in an open and shut case committing a seriously illegal act.

Republican-run states are taking Joe Biden to court

The states of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Iowa filed suit over President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional plan to bailout hundreds of billions of dollars of student loan debt by transferring the obligation from the borrowers to taxpayers.

“It’s patently unfair to saddle hard-working Americans with the loan debt of those who chose to go to college,” Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge declared.

 “The Department of Education is required, under the law, to collect the balance due on loans,” Rutledge added. “And President Biden does not have the authority to override that.”

The Biden administration sought to head off one legal challenge by issuing an amended bailout rule stating that borrowers whose loans originated with private banks, but were now guaranteed by the federal government, were opted out of the bailout scheme.

“Our goal is to provide relief to as many eligible borrowers as quickly and easily as possible, and this will allow us to achieve that goal while we continue to explore additional legally-available options to provide relief to borrowers with privately owned FFEL loans and Perkins loans,” a statement from the Department of Education read.

The White House hopes they can weasel their way out of this one

The White House then claimed the six states suing on behalf of their taxpayers were not financially harmed by Biden’s attempt to bribe student loan debt holders into voting Democrat in the Midterm election but were working on behalf of “special interests.”

“Republican officials from these six states are standing with special interests, and fighting to stop relief for borrowers buried under mountains of debt,” White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan declared. “The President and his administration are lawfully giving working and middle class families breathing room as they recover from the pandemic and prepare to resume loan payments in January.”

Joe Biden’s act to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from the public treasury as an election payoff is clearly unconstitutional.

Even Nancy Pelosi said last year that the President lacked the authority to bailout student loan debt.

The issue has been finding a party with standing to sue.

Missouri and five other Republican states think they found an answer to that problem.

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