Joe Biden just declared war on the entire Republican Party during a fundraiser

Joe Biden is out campaigning and trying to raise money for his party, recently attending a fundraiser in Maryland.

But even as Americans suffer with inflation and countless other crises, it seems that Biden can’t help himself when it comes to making things worse. 

And Joe Biden just declared war on the entire Republican Party during a fundraiser.

Biden spoke to thousands, taking aim at millions of Republicans nationwide

Biden gave a speech to a crowd of thousands of people on Thursday and boldly declared Republican ideals were “semi-fascism.”

He mentioned key issues like abortion, Social Security, gun violence, and “the very survival of our planet,” referring to the leftists’ favorite issue, climate change.

Of course, the speech was made in a left-wing stronghold just outside of the nation’s capital, so it’s not surprising that he spoke to a large, receptive audience.

Biden basically laid it out for voters, stating that they had a choice between whether we’re a “country that moves forward or a country that moves backward.”

While those points are par for the course during most political fundraising speeches, his attack on Republicans is doing nothing more than ramping up the rhetoric between the two major parties.

He spoke to donors at the fundraiser stating, “I don’t respect these MAGA Republicans,” which is clearly a dig at Donald Trump and his 70,000,000+ supporters.

In-kind, the Republican National Committee responded by saying that Biden’s comments were “despicable.”

Comparing the Republican Party’s beliefs to fascist ideologies isn’t new, but it’s also not something that a sitting U.S. President should be doing.

While leftists keep saying that “right-wing extremists” are the ones talking about a civil war, Joe Biden is publicly fanning the flames of discontent and anger.

Name-calling isn’t enough to win the Midterms

Joe Biden can attack the GOP all he wants, but his awful policies and the fact that Americans are suffering should really be the heart of the debate that determines who wins the Midterms.

During the fundraiser, Biden was accompanied by Maryland Governor candidate Wes Moore who claimed that his opponent Dan Cox was not an actual opponent, but rather, a “threat.”

Using words like “threat,” “semi-fascism,” and declaring that you don’t respect people who disagree with you isn’t exactly the best way to unite the country.

The reality is that inflation under Biden is hurting working Americans while he continues to funnel billions of U.S. dollars to Ukraine and is now planning to spend between $300-$500 billion for student loan debt relief.

Money doesn’t just come out of thin air – it has to be taken from one source to give to another.

If Biden’s student loan relief plan goes through, it takes money from hard-working Americans, many of whom have already repaid their student loans in full.

With so much at stake and so much on the line, Americans will have to wait and see if Biden’s attacks on Republicans will help Democrats win the Midterms, or if his terrible policies will give Democrats a loss. 

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