Joe Biden just breathed a sigh of relief after Gavin Newsom made this key pledge

Rarely has a sitting President been as unpopular as Joe Biden. 

After serving just two years as President, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are low as ever and many are questioning whether he will even run in 2024. 

But Joe Biden just breathed a sigh of relief after Gavin Newsom made this key pledge.

2024 is shaping up to be the election of a lifetime

Even though the 2022 Midterm elections just wrapped up, all eyes are already on the 2024 elections.

Already, Donald Trump has declared his candidacy and other Republican contenders are expected to follow suit very soon. 

As far as Democrats are concerned, the path to 2024 is much less clear. 

Given Joe Biden’s horrible job performance as well as his rapidly declining mental state, many Democrats are calling on a younger candidate to run. 

In fact, poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Democrats have soured on Joe Biden.

So the question is, who could possibly run instead of Joe Biden? 

Several names have been thrown around, including his Vice President Kamala Harris.  

But one name that has also been thrown around is California Governor, Gavin Newsom. 

That being said, Newsom just gave Joe Biden some welcome news on this front. 

According to Politico, Gavin Newsom has no plans to run against Joe Biden in 2024.

Newsom even went as far to claim that he has made this pledge and that “I’ve told everyone in the White House, from the Chief of Staff to the First Lady,” about it. 

Not only should this be a major relief for Joe Biden, but to all freedom loving Americans. 

It ought to go without saying that Gavin Newsom is one of the worst Governors in America.

Under his watch, the once great state of California has been completely destroyed. 

Crime is completely out of control, illegal aliens enjoy more rights than many American citizens, taxes are high as ever, and the government reeks of corruption. 

Gavin Newsom wants to bring his failed policies to the rest of America

Gavin Newsom has done a horrific job leading the state of California, yet he still wants to take these failed policies to all 50 states. 

Whether it be his draconian COVID lockdowns, or his failed pro-crime policies, Gavin Newsom is a terrible politician. 

If America was run the same way as California, then America would quickly cease to exist. 

Gavin Newsom and his allies in Sacramento have put California and Californians last in every decision they have made, and their socialist vision would be a disaster for America.

It is amazing that anybody supports this scumbag, yet many Democrats lined up to vote for him this past election. 

The truth is, Gavin Newsom hates America and he will not stop until the rest of the nation looks like California. 

Although his promise to not run in 2024 is a major relief, it would not be surprising if he decides to run again down the road. 

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