Joe Biden just announced a new immigration plan that will put thousands of Americans on the streets

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

With inflation and this economy American families need all the help they can get to keep food on the table.

But the Biden regime could care less about the working class and their ability to pursue the American dream.

And now Joe Biden just announced a new immigration plan that will put thousands of Americans on the streets.

Americans can’t take much more

America’s economy is teetering on the break of collapse.

How far it’ll collapse is up for debate, but all the signs clearly point towards economic turmoil.

Corporations are starting to lay off workers whenever they get the chance, and inflation has been running rampant for years now with no end in sight.

The media claims that the latest 4% increase in inflation year over year is a good sign.

But just a few years ago, in 2019, 4% inflation would have never been looked at as a positive.

Not to mention that Americans keep seeing prices fluctuating on common household items, like eggs and milk.

But for some reason, the Biden regime believes now is a good time to crash American wages and cripple families’ ability to pay their bills by allowing a huge influx of work visas.

Say goodbye to jobs

This past Wednesday, the Biden State Department released a statement claiming they were going to allow hundreds of thousands of H-1B and O-1 visas to be issued to Indian immigrants in order to entice them to take American jobs.

These hundreds of thousands of white collar work visas would give ultra-wealthy Democrat donors in major corporations the cheap employees they need to keep wages down and fill positions that could be filled by United States citizens.

And these qualified work visas can even be streamlined into a green card for permanent residence in the United States.

In just a couple of years, these “temporary workers” can become permanent residents of the United States for just a few thousand dollars.

Not to mention the possibility of amnesty status.

So these visas won’t just fill a “job need” for a couple of years, they will undercut white collar jobs from Americans for generations to come.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrant work visas are allowed into the United States each year.

One would assume that sooner or later one of the political parties would defend working class Americans’ ability to make an honest wage rather than sitting on their hands as Americans’ wages are depleted, and oftentimes, taken away because of massive waves of immigrant workers.

But both Republicans and Democrats have blatantly ignored the glaring red flags associated with these waves of immigrant workers.

And Americans are getting swamped by immigrants walking across the border, and those being recruited by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Should the United States crackdown on work visas?