Joe Biden is turning his back on this safe and clean energy source purely for political reasons

If there is one issue that galvanizes the Left, it is the environment. 

For the past couple of decades, so-called “climate experts” have claimed that we will be underwater in a matter of years if America does not give up fossil fuels. 

But Joe Biden has made it clear that he is not willing to use this other safe and clean form of energy for political reasons. 

Leftists sound the alarm

Every year, the radical Left and their hand-picked climate “experts” sound the alarm about the climate. 

If these experts’ claims were accurate, the world would be underwater five times over. 

Clearly, these handpicked experts are over-dramatizing data to cause a panic. 

Environmentalists are no longer concerned with keeping the air and water clean, but rather transforming the global economy to favor their radical leftist worldview. 

Coal and oil are the Left’s number one enemy, and everything they are doing is geared to make these essential fuel sources more expensive and prohibitive. 

The recent surge in gas prices is no mistake.  

Leftists have been taking measures to make gas more expensive on purpose to pressure people into buying electric cars and to pass their extreme far-left Green New Deal. 

But remarkably the left shuns the most obvious solution

Given the far-left’s hatred of fossil fuels, you would think that carbon-free sources of energy such as nuclear energy would be on the agenda, but the exact opposite is true. 

Just look at what Joe Biden is doing to make clean nuclear energy a thing of the past. 

As it stands, 23 nuclear power plants are in the process of shutting down and even more are beginning to slow down production. 

This is due to Joe Biden’s radical anti-nuclear energy stance. 

Despite seeming scary, nuclear energy is actually very safe and very clean. 

There have only been a few major nuclear disasters in history, and most of those were decades ago. 

Nowadays, nuclear power plants are far safer and can yield unfathomable amounts of energy. 

Even better, nuclear power is completely carbon-free and causes virtually no pollution. 

Despite nuclear energy being the ultimate win-win scenario as far as energy is concerned, it is still not good enough for radical leftists. 

That is because nuclear energy undermines their narrative. 

Their actions betray their true motives

The Left does not really care about global warming, they care about destroying capitalism and the American way of life. 

If they really cared about producing clean and abundant energy, they would embrace nuclear power with open arms, but instead, they are shutting nuclear plants down by the day. 

Nuclear power should be the future, but the radical Left is doing everything they can to shut it down. 

If America ever hopes to become energy independent again, then nuclear power must be part of the equation. 

If not, then energy prices will only continue to skyrocket as Americans rely on oil from hostile nations such as Russia and Iran. 

The last thing America needs is more expensive energy costs.  

Yet Biden is doing everything he can to make sure prices keep rising.

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