Joe Biden is sweating bullets after one insider leaked bombshell information about audio tapes that could force him to resign

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The corruption in Washington, D.C. is unimaginable.

But if you thought the corruption was bad wait until this story breaks the floodgates open on the Biden family’s bribery scheme.

And now Joe Biden is sweating bullets after one insider leaked bombshell information about audio tapes that could force him to resign.

Corruption is Washington, D.C.

Principled men provide principal governance, but the same is true the other way around – corrupt men provide corrupt governance.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing out of Washington, D.C. over the years.

Principal men used to run this nation and founded it.

That’s one reason why there was so much trust in government for decades.

But all it took was a few bad apples in Washington, D.C. which is now infested with criminals and con artists.

And unfortunately for the United States, President Joe Biden’s family is leading the charge on corruption in our nation’s capital.

Back in 2020, stories broke about how Hunter Biden was selling access to his then-Vice President father.

The proof was right there in front of the American people with Hunter’s laptop spilling all the secrets.

But the media did everything they could to make sure that you did not see what was on his laptop.

And even prominent members of the FBI and CIA came out to claim it was a fraud.

They knew they were lying to you – they just wanted to make sure Biden won no matter how much they had to lie.

Now we know the facts, and everything points to President Joe Biden and his son being compromised by foreign adversaries, like the Chinese Communist Party.

Rumors have been swirling for a while now that there was direct evidence to expose Biden’s illegal acts and fraud while holding elected office.

But now it looks like those rumors are closer to becoming true than ever before.

Joe Biden audio tape?

Newsmax Greg Kelly told his audience that he has the inside scoop on evidence that could throw Biden in jail.

“Biden has a big mouth and it got him into a lot of trouble, but he hasn’t seen the half of it yet,” Kelly claimed. “There is an audio tape I am told by people in the know—not necessarily in government, not necessarily out of government, I can’t say too much—but there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, it’s not going to happen before Labor Day, but it will happen sometime between Labor Day and Halloween.

It’s not hard to believe that such a tape exists.

But the real question is who will release it and why.

Joe Biden has to be one of the worst Presidential candidates in recent memory.

The man can barely function, so there are a growing number of Democrats who want him out of the 2024 race.

Will Joe Biden be on the ballot in 2024?