Joe Biden is sweating bullets after he received this devastating news

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Now that Republicans control the U.S. House the days of Joe Biden and his crime family acting with impunity are over.

A number of important investigations are underway that have the potential to expose a laundry list of Biden corruption.

And now Joe Biden is sweating bullets after he received this devastating news.

Americans deserve to know more about Joe Biden’s alleged corruption

For the first two years of his Presidency, Joe Biden had the luxury of hiding behind his Democrat colleagues in the House. 

Democrats were far more interested in forcing their radical agenda into law, and investigating former President Donald Trump with one bogus witch hunt after another. 

Now that Republicans are calling the shots in the House, Joe Biden’s days of impunity are long gone. 

More specifically, it was announced that Congressman James Comer (R-KY), who also serves as House Oversight Committee Chairman, is taking a big step in his investigation of President Biden’s corrupt dealings with Communist China. 

On Tuesday, Rep. Comer requested that Serbian politician Vuk Jeremić provide information on the Biden family’s shady business dealings with CEFC China Energy Co.

In a letter to Jeremic, Comer said “the Committee is investigating whether President Biden knew of or was involved in certain foreign business ventures that included the same CEFC officials who participated in the schemes described in United States v. Patrick Ho.”

“Evidence shows that you developed a business relationship with Hunter Biden and his associates and communicated with them about Chairman Ye and CEFC,” he added. “Based upon your trial testimony, the Committee believes that you possess communications with CEFC employees regarding Hunter Biden.  For instance, you testified about an email — between you and Patrick Ho — where you were organizing a dinner between Chairman Ye and another person in Washington, D.C. on December 6, 2015.”

If Vuk Jeremic cooperates with this investigation, it could provide damning evidence of the Biden crime family’s corruption.

Any information that corroborates Rep. Comer’s claims could easily be enough to potentially impeach President Biden. 

With that said, Rep. Comer also appears to be taking the investigation one step at a time, in order to avoid fumbling it. 

Joe Biden ought to be very concerned about this ongoing investigation

This investigation into Joe Biden and his corrupt family is more damaging than anything the Left was able to make up about Trump. 

If true, these findings could show that President Biden and his son, Hunter, were compromised by Communist China.

Never before has a sitting American President done so much to help America’s enemies, and the American people deserve to know the extent of this alleged sabotage. 

The bad news for Biden is that this investigation is just one of many surrounding him and his regime.

In the very near future, Americans will know whether or not Joe Biden participated in crimes such as corruption, fraud, and perhaps even treason. 

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