Joe Biden is starting to feel the heat after this left-wing late night host shockingly turned on him

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It is no secret that most so-called “mainstream” media outlets have a radical left-wing bias.

Good luck finding any television show that has even the slightest bit of positive opinions on conservatives. 

But Joe Biden is starting to feel the heat after this left-wing late night host shockingly turned on him.

Even left-wing programs cannot shield Joe Biden any longer

When Joe Biden announced his candidacy for President in 2020, many had doubts about his fitness to serve. 

Two years into his Presidency, these doubts are now a reality, with nearly every single statement he makes becoming a gaffe.

Last Sunday, at the annual White House Easter Egg roll, President Biden managed to make a fool of himself once again. 

When asked whether he was planning to take part in the annual event beyond 2024 – a not-so-veiled question over whether he’ll run for re-election – by NBC News’ Al Roker, Biden replied, “I plan on at least three or four more Easter Egg Rolls. Maybe five… Maybe six, what the hell? I don’t know.”

“Are you saying that you would be taking part in our upcoming election in 2024?” Roker asked, finally getting to his real question.

“I’ll either be rolling an egg or end up being the guy who’s pushing ’em out,” the President actually said out loud.

That bizarre answer sent shockwaves across the nation, and once again displayed President Biden’s state of mental haziness. 

CBS’ radical left-wing late night host, Stephen Colbert, roasted Biden for this strange interaction on last Monday’s episode of The Late Show.

“That’s right, Jack!” Colbert said, mocking Biden. “I got big Easter news: Joe Biden can lay eggs. Easy as pie. No, I push ’em right out the cloaca. Serve ’em up scrambled, or sit on ’em for a while, raise a beautiful flock of little baby Joes, ‘peep, peep, peep.’”

“Point is, I am mentally fit to once again run for President of the United States,” he said while imitating the President. “What’s goin’ on? Where’s Jill? Marco! Jill-o!”

Colbert’s audience could not get enough of the mockery of President Biden and his bizarre behavior. 

Over the years, Colbert has cemented himself as one of the most radical left-wing late night hosts on television, often trashing former President Donald Trump and Republicans.

This is one of the few times Colbert has taken a dig at Biden, and his audience loved it. 

Joe Biden’s mental health is a matter of national security

Although his ridiculous behavior makes for good late night jokes, the truth is, Biden’s declining mental state is putting America at risk. 

Time and time again, the President has failed to remember key details when it matters the most. 

As of right now, President Biden can barely put a coherent sentence together, and it is hard to imagine where he will be at the end of a second term, should he be re-elected. 

Joe Biden’s health is causing many on the Left to reconsider their support for him as 2024 approaches. 

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