Joe Biden is starting to feel the heat after a major cog in Democrats’ political machine has begun publicly wavering on his re-election bid

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Joe Biden is already slipping in the 2024 Presidential election.

The national polling average shows the Democrat President and Donald Trump are in a statistical tie.

And Joe Biden is starting to feel the heat after a major cog in Democrats’ political machine has begun publicly wavering on his re-election bid.

Some in the media are no longer acting like President Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleader, speaking out against an incumbent Democrat President in unheard of fashion, especially when former President Donald Trump is the likely Republican nominee.

Despite their bias, reporters can clearly see that the Real Clear Politics national polling average indicates that President Biden’s approval rating is just 42%.

And to make matters worse, the Real Clear Politics average also indicates that Trump and Biden are locked in a statistical tie, putting Biden – who already had a slimmer margin of era than many past Democrat Presidents – in a bit of a hole early in the election cycle.

Needless to say, the media is slamming the panic button.

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni warned Democrats that their failure to tell the truth about Biden’s physical and mental decline could open the door for Trump to win the Presidency for the second time in three elections.

“Note that Biden seems less physically peppy and verbally precise than in years past and suggest that it might be best, for him and for continued Democratic control of the White House, if he let Democrats choose a different 2024 nominee,” Bruni ranted. “You’ll be likened to an anchor for Fox News. You’ll be chided for age discrimination. Never mind that you’re examining his behavior, not the year on his birth certificate. You’re being counterproductive.”

“You’ll be asked: What do Hunter Biden and diminished vim matter next to the menace of Donald Trump and a Republican Party in his lawless, nihilistic thrall?” he added. “That’s a fair question — to a point. But past that point, it’s dishonest and dangerous.”

Bruni worried that instead of opening up the 2024 Democrat Primary to other candidates, covering for President Biden could hand the election to Trump.

“Likewise, it’s possible — no, necessary — to have nuanced conversations about Biden’s and his administration’s mix of virtues and vices,” Bruni continued. “If a big part of the horror of Trump is his estrangement from and perversion of truth, how is the proper or even strategic response to gild or cloak truth and declare it subservient to a desired political end?”

Biden’s pathetic approval rating is due in large part to the fact that voters are not blind.

Working class Americans can see that the President is a shell of his former self – which wasn’t exactly the model of peak human performance to begin with.

A vote for Joe Biden is to either keep him in the White House until he turns 86-years-old, or to see Vice President Kamala Harris become President in the next few years.

And polls show the majority of working class Americans have no stomach for that.

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