Joe Biden is spitting mad as this inconvenient truth about the Keystone Pipeline just came out

The Biden administration has been hiding the truth from the American people since day one.

They want people to believe everything they’re doing is working to make things better.

But now Joe Biden is spitting mad as this inconvenient truth about the Keystone Pipeline just came out.

Biden said the Keystone Pipeline was against “the U.S. national interest”

A provision cleverly tucked into the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act forced the Biden White House to finally come clean about the dramatic consequences of axing the Keystone Pipeline.

Biden famously halted the project with an executive order on his first day in office. 

At the time he claimed that the Keystone was a disservice to “the U.S. national interest” and was contradictory to the administration’s climate goals.

Biden was condemned for “firing” the pipeline construction workers and driving up fuel prices. 

Now thanks to a Congressionally-mandated report, we at least have some information on job loss. 

And it’s not a very pretty picture. 

Department of Energy details tens of thousands of jobs lost

The Department of Energy report shows that Biden’s executive action cost tens of thousands of jobs overall—not only in the U.S. but in Canada as well.

It says that pipeline construction could have created nearly 60,000 jobs over the term of construction  and would have established 50 permanent jobs to run the day-to-day operation of the pipeline.

The report included data from the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that was issued in 2014. 

That report expected the project would need over 42,000 jobs including supportive economic roles like hotels, foodservice, and others along the construction route. 

It also said that there would have been approximately 3,900 jobs directly related to the construction of the pipeline.

Economic loss to businesses could be upwards of $20 billion

The total sales created for businesses along the route of the pipeline could have been upward of $20 billion dollars and the direct economic benefits could have exceeded $9.5 billion.

The report by the DOE included a statement explaining that impacts change “significantly among the studies and are not directly comparable due to large differences in modeling assumptions.”

They said that the effect on consumer prices was “inconclusive” due to the volatility of the oil market and other factors that have affected the price of crude.

Though the report didn’t get a lot of attention from the corporate-controlled media, it did receive rebuke from some members of the GOP. 

Senator from Montana says Biden “finally owned up”

Senator Steve Daines, a Republican from Montana, was outraged by the findings of the report. 

The Keystone Pipeline was a major project for his state and he quickly responded to the Biden administration on the staggering numbers.

Daines stated,  “The Biden administration finally owned up to what we have known all along—killing the Keystone XL Pipeline cost good-paying jobs, hurt Montana’s economy and was the first step in the Biden administration’s war on oil and gas production in the United States.”

He called it unfortunate that “the administration continues to pursue energy production anywhere but the United States” adding that “these policies may appeal to the woke left but hurt Montana’s working families.”

Biden has been doing everything he can to deliver on Green New Deal promises since the moment he took office. 

And this report proves he could care less how many Americans he hurts on the way.

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