Joe Biden is spending your tax dollars on something that will leave you seeing red

President Joe Biden’s reckless spending has led to crippling inflation.

American workers are finding it harder to afford a home, gas, groceries – really, everything they need to survive.

And you’ll be seeing red when you find out what President Biden is spending your hard-earned money on now.

While you’re tightening your belt and trying to figure out how to make ends meet with four-plus-decade high inflation and record high prices at the pump – the Biden administration is spending the tax dollars taken out of your check each pay period on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In early April, Real Clear Investigations made a Freedom of Information Act request of the federal government to reveal documents regarding the “whole of government” fight against “entrenched disparities” and the “unbearable human costs of systemic racism.”

The findings are striking.

On President Joe Biden’s first day in office, he signed an executive order requiring Equity Action Plans from every federal department.

In total, more than 90 Equity Action plans – every agency from the Department of Education, to the U.S. Department of Justice, to the CIA, to the Office of Navajo Hopi Indian Relocation, to the FCC, to the Japan-US Friendship Commission – and everything in between.

What do these Equity Action Plans call for?

Here are just a few examples Real Clear Investigations dug up in their reporting.

American workers are funding all the infrastructure changes for the State Department to add an X gender marker in U.S. passports for those suffering from gender-dysphoria.

The Department of Homeland Security has made it protocol for border patrol agents to use “gender-neutral” language and pronouns the illegal border crossers prefer.

And then there’s the by-definition racist program from the Department of Agriculture providing debt relief to black and other “socially disadvantaged” farmers, but not to white farmers.

Fortunately, a federal judge blocked the program, ruling using racial categories to exclude white farmers is “abhorrent to the concept of equal protection.”

There are other efforts to stop some of the measures in the 90-plus Equity Action Plans.

Republicans in Congress are challenging the Transportation Security Administration’s policy calling for a reduction in pat-downs of transgender travelers at airports.

Because, of course, it would be transphobic to treat them like everyone else who is subject to random pat-downs.

However, that’s not stopping the Biden administration from moving forward.

Many of these cabinet-level departments and federal agencies are also spending tax dollars on expensive salaries for Head Diversity Officer positions.

Nice to see those minority studies majors finally paying off.

So, how much is all of this refocus on equality of results instead of equality of opposites going to cost you?

“With federal agencies just getting started with the initial step of data collection, most of the equity changes to come over time haven’t been conceived yet, so the potential costs of funding, contracting, staffing and other program expenses may not be known for years,” Real Clear Investigation reporter John Murawski wrote. “But costs almost certainly will increase. Progressive groups are urging the federal government to embed equity standards in government contracting and grant-making by abandoning the use of the classic cost-benefit analysis to assess the impact of federal regulations.”

Get used to efforts like these, as it is just the first step from the Biden administration.

The fact is, as the Office of Management and Budget admitted in a statement to Real Clear Investigations, these Equity Action Plans are just “part of a broader equity agenda, which also includes implementing the first-ever national strategy on gender equity and equality.”

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