Joe Biden is slamming his fists in rage after being roasted on national television

Over the last several weeks, President Joe Biden has been engulfed in multiple scandals and controversies. 

Years of corruption and negligence have finally caught up to him, and it looks like Joe Biden will have a lot of explaining to do in the very near future.  

And now Joe Biden is slamming his fists in rage after being roasted on national television. 

Even some Democrats are now starting to sour on Joe Biden.

There is even talk of trying to replace him as the head of the Party, and the nation.

The Joe Biden White House is in full-on panic mode

The last several weeks have not been good for Joe Biden and his administration. 

However, the ongoing scandal involving Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents has taken things to a whole new level. 

People from both sides of the political aisle are furious at Joe Biden’s negligence and lack of accountability. 

One such person is television host Mark Levin, who just unleashed on Joe Biden on national television. 

On Fox News Channel’s broadcast of “Hannity”, Mark Levin claimed that in the case of Biden, “he’s got documents from the Senate. He’s got documents in a closet in a phony think tank, where money’s being laundered for him from the communist Chinese.” 

He added, “He’s got documents next to this Corvette. He’s got documents in his fake library at home. He’s got that — God knows where he’s got more documents. So — but only Joe Biden can tell us how some of these documents wound up where they did. So he needs to be questioned under oath.” 

Guaranteed to infuriate Joe Biden

As far as the ongoing documents scandal is concerned, Mark Levin is exactly right.  These are very important documents that Joe Biden is haphazardly leaving around his garage, and Americans deserve to know why Joe Biden was so negligent. 

But what Mark Levin said next is guaranteed to infuriate Joe Biden. 

Levin added “You know, the funny thing, every time they keep showing his Corvette in the box, I keep looking at that house. How the hell do you get a mansion like that on a senator’s salary? Then he’s got a mansion at Rehoboth Beach right near the ocean? He’s got a classic Corvette.  How does a guy on a senator’s salary earn all the — I think senators earned like $180,000, $185,000. He used to brag that he was the poorest man in the Senate, actually was the dumbest man in the Senate. I don’t know about the poorest man.”

Levin makes a very good point.  How can somebody who is always lamenting how poor he is live a life of such luxury? 

Joe Biden can live this life of luxury as a direct result of decades of corruption and one quid pro quo after another. 

Moving forward, House Republicans must look into this matter more closely, because it seems very unlikely that Merrick garland and his henchman at the FBI and Department of Justice will take this matter seriously. 

Joe Biden needs to tell the American public why he thinks a different set of laws apply to him, and why he thinks it is acceptable to treat classified Senate documents with such negligence.

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