Joe Biden is scrambling after this eye-popping fact hit the airwaves

From the very beginning, Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a complete and utter failure. 

At this point, the American public is getting fed up with his lies and mishandlings. 

Now Biden is scrambling after this eye-popping fact hit the airwaves.

The worst has yet to come for Joe Biden and his cronies

Almost every single day, the American public discovers something new about the Biden administration in the worst way possible.

Not only is this administration overwhelmed with devastating scandals, but also Biden and his handlers are screwing everything up.

One of Biden’s first mishandling was the Afghanistan withdrawal, which proved to be an international disaster the likes of which hasn’t been seen in years. 

Biden arbitrarily decided to pull out of Afghanistan on 9/11/21 for a photo-op while first abandoning the secure Bagram Air Force Base, resulting in a chaotic withdrawal that left more than a dozen soldiers and many civilians dead. 

On top of that, a recent report from the Pentagon indicates that over $7 billion worth of military equipment was left behind in Afghanistan. 

And the truth is, the actual count is probably significantly higher. 

This highly sophisticated, expensive, and lethal military equipment is now in the hands of the Taliban, which America was fighting against for more than two decades. 

Nobody described the situation better than Representative Pat Fallon of Texas, who said on Fox Business that “unfortunately, Joe Biden, for some political reason that is — no one really knows why, exactly, he left in August at the height of the fighting season.” 

He then went on to explain what exactly was left behind when he said “But the IG report that just came out showed that there was $7 billion worth of equipment left, $4 billion in ground vehicles, $1 billion in military aircraft, $300 million in aircraft munitions, and, get this, 316,000 small arms, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, exactly the kind of stuff that would be better used in Ukraine, rather than by the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

Joe Biden’s poor decision making is putting Americans in danger

So as you can gather, the United State military practically handed over a stomach-churning amount if military equipment to terrorists.

Without a reasonable doubt, these munitions will be used against American forces or American-backed forces in the near future, if they haven’t already. 

Joe Biden bungled the withdrawal of Afghanistan, and now America is paying the price.

Fortunately, most Americans can’t be fooled so easily and the backlash against Biden for this messy withdrawal was intense.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings first began to freefall after the Afghanistan debacle, and they have been very low ever since. 

Afghanistan proved that Joe Biden is more interested in playing politics than saving the lives of American soldiers and America’s allies.

The world is in a much more dangerous place thanks to the poor decisions Joe Biden has made and it may never fully recover. 

Only serious change in 2024 can help to undo some of this damage. 

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