Joe Biden is not prepared for the economic firestorm coming his way

The American economy is in serious peril. 

But it looks like the worst has yet to come. 

And Joe Biden is not prepared for the firestorm coming his way.

Joe Biden’s failing economy is in even more danger

Under Joe Biden’s watch, the American economy has completely soured by almost every single measure. 

When Donald Trump was President, unemployment hit all-time lows, inflation was negligible, and the market broke records nearly every day. 

But ever since Joe Biden took the oath of office just under two years ago, the economy has completely gone to hell in a handbasket. 

Workers are still refusing to go to work, supply chains for most goods remain broken or damaged, and inflation is sky-high. 

But according to many experts, it looks like the worst has yet to come. 

One such expert is Bill Bonner, who is an esteemed author and financial expert, and his prediction for the future of America and the American economy is shocking to say the least. 

According to Bonner, a serious energy meltdown, which is directly related to the nation’s current economic crisis, is imminent. 

Bonner warns that due to Joe Biden’s failed energy policies, which have depleted America’s energy reserves, America could face a major energy crisis and a complete hollowing out of the energy grid.

This would lead to severe economic fallout, the likes of which have not been seen in America since the Great Depression. 

Although this prediction sounds a bit dramatic, it is much more realistic than most Americans realize. 

From the moment he took the oath of office, Joe Biden has made it his prerogative to completely destroy America’s energy infrastructure. 

In fact, one of the very first things Joe Biden did as president was to cancel the Keystone XL pipelines, which cut America off from millions of dollars of responsibly-sourced fuel. 

As a result, America is now depleting its Strategic Petroleum Reserves and is forced to beg for oils from hostile nations like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. 

Joe Biden’s failed policies will hurt Americans for decades

The bottom line is that Joe Biden has a horrible record when it comes to the economy. 

Just about everything he does, or has done, has been designed to diminish America’s economic standing, especially when it comes to the energy industry. 

This is exactly why Donald Trump placed such a heavy emphasis on being energy independent during his time in office. 

Being energy independent is America’s biggest weapon against an energy crisis, and corresponding economic crisis, which Bonner and many other experts predict. 

Joe Biden refuses to pursue this common sense goal, which proves that he has no interest in improving America and the American economy. 

Joe Biden may seem like a brain-dead old fool, but make no mistake, Joe Biden is a far-left radical who is doing everything in his power to destroy America. 

Pursuing energy independence must be a priority for America and any politician who disagrees does not support the best interests of the United States. 

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