Joe Biden is making one campaign stop that is nothing but a giant middle finger to working class Americans

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Joe Biden has been a total disgrace as President.

He’s completely ignored the American people. believing he can do as he pleases without any political repercussions.

And Joe Biden is making one campaign stop that is nothing but a giant middle finger to working class Americans.

Last year, after a train carrying hazardous materials crashed in East Palestine, Ohio, the working class community were left to fend for themselves as toxic fumes and waste poured into the air, ground, and water, forcing local residents to evacuate.

President Joe Biden was heavily criticized for having an extremely delayed response, promising to visit the site, and then choosing to visit foreign countries, like Ukraine, instead.

Now, Biden has finally announced he will visit the East Palestine community, prompting outrage over using the community as nothing more than a “campaign stop” after ignoring them for over a year.

One longtime GOP adviser Scott Jennings broke down why there was so much outrage in an interview with The Daily Caller.

“I think they have all these gaping political wounds, and they are just scrambling to put tiny band-aids on any of it in the hopes that it will stage the bleeding enough to get them over the finish line,” Jennings said.

Jennings believes that by visiting the community, Biden can kill the news of his extremely delayed visit, despite a year of promises to travel to the hurting community that is still suffering from the disaster today.

“But I wouldn’t mistake any of this for actual care about what happened in Ohio for actual care of what’s happening at the border. They don’t care,” Jennings continued.

Repeated calls for Biden to visit had been continuing to grow since the incident occurred. 

Residents of the small town have even complained about feeling forgotten by the Democrat President.

“I feel like I don’t matter,” Jessica Conard, a resident of East Palestine, told The New York Times.

As time goes on, it appears that residents of the eastern Ohio community are now seeing the announced stop as too little, too late.

One local business owner from the town, DJ Yokley, told Fox News that he thinks Biden is only visiting to shut down anyone from saying that he refused to go.

“The American people have awakened to realize that the leader of our country did not show up to the greatest catastrophe of 2023,” Fox News reported.

“Now he’s going to show up because it is an election year, and obviously, the polls show that President Trump, came and supported us when he didn’t have to, and I think we saw right through it from the beginning,” he added.

Former President Donald Trump, and his son, Donald Trump Jr. visited the site almost immediately after the incident, bringing truckloads of water and supplies to help the victims in their recovery.

The question is, will this late visit to the East Palestine, Ohio disaster site help Joe Biden, or does it just highlight that he is desperate during this crucial election year?

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