Joe Biden is jealous of Dr. Fauci for one big reason – and it will make you furious

Dr. Anthony Fauci may go down in history as having pulled off one of the most incredible con games ever.

The man who claims, “I represent science” not only flip flops on a regular basis, but in the past he’s used taxpayer dollars to fund numerous unethical and inhumane experiments.

But even Joe Biden is jealous of Dr. Fauci for one big reason – and it will make you furious.

Apparently, the man some have dubbed “the evil scientist from the movies” is the highest paid employee in the United States federal government – and is set to get the biggest federal government retirement package ever.

In 2020 Fauci raked in $434,312 as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Joe Biden, as President, pulls a $400,000 salary.

So how did Fauci maneuver to make more than the most powerful man in the world?

Well, in addition to running the NIAID, he also wears the hat of “Chief Medical Advisor to the President” – which is his main excuse to get on tv and tell us to cancel all memory-making occasions with our loved ones.

But, according to Forbes, his biggest pay bump came in 2004 when George W. Bush’s administration gave him “permanent pay adjustment” for his work in biodefense.

Talk about government spending gone awry.

We’d likely be far better off if he’d been kept far away from any investigative schemes.

Unfortunately, Fauci seems to collect titles like his lab assistants collect puppies and monkeys.

He also snagged an appointment to the Ready Reserve Corps, a corps of “officers on full-time extended active duty” back in 2000.

If the 81-year-old Fauci were to retire today, it’s estimated he would get a pension worth more than $350,000 a year – and that number is likely to go up the longer he decides to hold off and keep meddling in our lives.

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