Joe Biden is in panic mode with this major strike looming on the horizon

As a result of Joe Biden’s anti-business policies, union bosses have more control over the nation’s economy than at any other time in recent memory. 

So it should not come as a shock that the nation’s economy is souring so quickly.

But now Joe Biden is in panic mode with this major strike looming on the horizon. 

A railroad workers’ strike would be like a nuclear bomb to the United States economy

From Day 1, Joe Biden has made it very clear that he will be the most “pro-union President leading the most pro-union administration” ever. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden has made good on this promise, giving union bosses immense control over the United States economy. 

But now it looks like some of America’s most powerful unions may be striking, and the results of this strike would be devastating to the United States economy. 

After months of failed negotiations, reports are indicating that a railroad workers’ strike could be imminent, which would destroy the economy even more. 

On CNN last Tuesday night, Jeremy Ferguson, the President of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail Transportation union Transportation Division (SMART-TD), explained why a strike may be on the horizon. 

Recently, Ferguson’s union rejected a Biden-brokered deal that would have prevented a strike, which prompted the host Kassie Hunt to ask  “So, yesterday, your 20,000 workers rejected this deal that had been announced earlier in the year. How did today’s talks go?”

Ferguson responded with “Well, I think we were off to a decent start. We had a lot of issues we had to put on the table to begin the discussions. So, we will follow up again tomorrow and see where that leads us.”

Hunt chimed back by asking “So how likely do you think it is that your members are going to strike, even if it’s only for a short time?”

Ferguson then claimed, “Well, I think it’s about 50-50 right now. We’re going to continue working as hard as we can to get them the right agreement that would ratify. They have a lot of issues. They have spoken. And I’ve got to do my due diligence and get in there and keep these negotiations moving.”

The bottom line is that a railroad-workers strike would grind commerce to a screeching halt.

As it stands, a massive amount of consumer goods, including coal and other crucial commodities are transported by rail, and a massive rail workers strike would destroy America’s economy. 

Instances like this prove why unions are so destructive to a free market economy. 

The needs of a few extremely wealthy and powerful union bosses come before the greater good of the nation, which is both corrupt and evil. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is the union boss’ self-declared ally, and it is highly unlikely that Joe Biden will take a tough stand on this issue. 

Due to Joe Biden’s inability to negotiate with these goons, expect the economy to sink even lower in the near future. 

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