Joe Biden is grinning from ear-to-ear after the IRS made one move to cover up this massive corruption scheme

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Under the command of Joe Biden many federal agencies have been completely compromised with political actors.

Agencies like the FBI, IRS and EPA now serve the best interests of Joe Biden instead of working class Americans.

And now Joe Biden is grinning from ear-to-ear after the IRS made one move to cover up this massive corruption scheme.

The IRS is all-in on advancing Joe Biden’s radical agenda

At one point, federal employees were referred to as “public servants,” indicating that they are intended to serve the public.

But under President Joe Biden’s rule, this is no longer the case.

These days, many federal employees only serve to advance Democrats’ radical woke agenda.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a prime example, as it has been weaponized by Democrats more in the past few years than ever before – which is saying something, considering the agency’s targeting of conservative groups under the Obama regime.

To make matters worse, the IRS announced that they were pulling all of their resources from the task force designed to look into Hunter Biden’s alleged fraud.

Attorneys Mark Lytle and Tristan Leavitt, who represent the IRS whistleblowers who brought this fraud to light, released a statement regarding the decision.

“Today the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Supervisory Special Agent we represent was informed that he and his entire investigative team are being removed from the ongoing and sensitive investigation of the high-profile, controversial subject about which our client sought to make whistleblower disclosures to Congress,” Lytle and Leavitt wrote in a statement.

“He was informed the change was at the request of the Department of Justice,” the attorneys added.

This means that Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland unilaterally instructed the IRS to cease its investigations into Hunter Biden.

This clear-cut example of corruption proves that President Biden and his regime are doing everything possible to avoid transparency and accountability.

Either Biden is aware of the ramifications of these allegations, or he is doing everything to cover them up – the truth is probably a mixture of those two likelihoods.

Although promising to be a transparent regime, this move reaffirms the President and Democrats’ commitment to avoiding transparency at all costs.

President Biden may successfully shut down the IRS from investigating the crimes allegedly carried out by his family, however, House Republicans are hot on their trail.

In the coming weeks, more details are expected to emerge regarding the number of high profile investigations into the Biden family’s corruption.

Joe Biden is abusing his power to mislead the American people

Whether it is removing resources from the IRS’s investigation into his family, or his refusal to cooperate with Congressional investigations, Biden is proving to be the least transparent President in American history.

Time and time again, President Biden and his radical regime have abused their authority to shield themselves from facing investigations or any sort of accountability.

The American people have a right to know why federal resources are being diverted from key investigations into the Biden family.

And they especially have a right to know why Joe Biden feels as if he is above the law.

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