Joe Biden is going to extreme lengths to protect these scandal-plagued officials

The Biden administration is sinking lower and lower with each new scandal. 

Yet Joe Biden has refused to accept that fact or even hold any of his incompetent staff accountable. 

And now, Joe Biden is going to extreme lengths to protect these scandal-plagued officials.

Joe Biden may just go down in the history books as the most corrupt President ever.

He seems to attract scandal and corruption wherever he goes.

The Joe Biden presidency has been plagued by one failure after another

Almost from the moment Joe Biden took the oath of office, his presidency has been an unmitigated disaster for the nation. 

Nearly every single executive branch agency and department has failed in their most basic duties, which has created a state of chaos in Washington, D.C. 

One of the biggest disasters that has happened under Joe Biden’s watch is the 2022 baby formula shortage. 

As a direct result of Joe Biden’s FDA agents not doing their jobs, a massive amount of baby formula had to be recalled, leaving babies in all 50 states hungry. 

In any normal company or organization, such a disaster would result in major staffing changes and investigations, but not in Joe Biden’s administration. 

Last Tuesday, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf held a press conference to announce major changes to the FDA following the baby formula disaster. 

However, though according to Califf, major changes are coming.

@hen asked about staffing changes, Califf responded with, “But the short answer is no one’s going to be reassigned or fired because of the infant formula situation.” 

Once again, officials in Joe Biden’s administration are not made accountable for their poor decisions. 

This failure to hold people accountable for their failures has become a reoccurring theme in the Joe Biden administration, which has seen very few staffing changes since he took office in 2021. 

It is not exactly clear what Robert Califf means by making major changes at the FDA, if those changes don’t include holding FDA personnel accountable for their failures. 

The American public deserves to have competent people running the government, and Americans ought to be furious about this flagrant lack of accountability. 

Joe Biden and his staff are destroying America more and more by the day

Over the last couple of years, nearly every executive branch agency has had a major scandal or disaster unfurl under their watch. 

One major reason for this failure is that Joe Biden, in many cases, did not appoint qualified people to these positions. 

Instead, Joe Biden made it his goal to appoint his political allies and affirmative action hires into important positions within the administration. 

As a result, many government officials have no idea what they are doing, which has caused unmitigated chaos around the nation. 

Just look at the Department of Transportation’s recent woes.  

The Transportation Department, which most Americans do not even realize is a cabinet office, has failed over and over again. 

Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, has no clue what he is doing, because the uncomfortable fact is he was only appointed due to his close ties to Joe Biden and his homosexuality. 

Joe Biden is destroying America from the inside out and this destruction will only continue unless Americans demand change, and soon. 

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