Joe Biden is furious after this Democrat challenger put him in his place

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Even though it seems like the 2022 elections just happened it is already time to start focusing on 2024. 

Joe Biden has already announced his candidacy but in a rare turn of events several other left-wing radicals have declared competing bids for the Democrat nomination. 

And Joe Biden is furious after this Democrat challenger put him in his place. 

Most Americans are sick and tired of Joe Biden and his radical regime

Although the 2022 Midterm elections were just months ago, it is already time to start planning for the highly anticipated 2024 elections. 

Both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have announced their candidacy, and many expect to see a rematch of the contentious 2020 election unfold.

However, something that has already made this upcoming election unique is the fact that President Biden already has a few challengers for the Democrat nomination, despite being the incumbent. 

Among the Democrat challengers are Kennedy dynasty heir Robert Kennedy Jr., who is a vocal critic of many of Biden’s policies. 

Last weekend, Kennedy joined WABC 7’s The Cats Roundtable to discuss his opinions on the President’s handling of the border. 

“We should have closed borders, and we should expand immigration,” Kennedy said.

“It’s not racist or insensitive to say that we need to close our borders and have an orderly immigration policy,” he added. “I would expand legal immigration to this country that’s orderly, that makes sense for our country, but also that our borders are impervious.”

And when the topic of free speech came up, Kennedy bluntly stated that “Mr. Biden is for censorship. I’m against it.”  

“The White House, we now know from the Twitter files, has been trying to censor me, ordering, and pressuring the social media platforms to censor me and many many other people,” he added. “Anybody who dissents from some of [Biden’s] policies… That is something that is wholly antithetical to the Democratic Party.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. is not alone in his criticism of President Biden.

Earlier this year, an NBC News poll indicated that 70% of Americans do not believe Biden should run for a second term.

Even more shocking was the fact that 51% of Democrats do not think he should run for re-election, meaning the majority of Democrats do not support Biden’s 2024 efforts.

Joe Biden has a lot of work to do if he hopes to be re-elected

Although President Biden and his Democrat allies believe a 2024 victory is inevitable, they have a lot to do if they hope to even make it to November. 

Biden’s approval ratings are lower than ever, and many Americans are not confident that he is physically and mentally capable of adequately serving as President. 

And if America keeps going down its current path, then an economic collapse is imminent, which will make Joe Biden’s re-election chances even slimmer. 

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