Joe Biden is furious after this Attorney General put him in his place over one alarming land grab

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

From the moment Joe Biden took the oath of office he and his radical regime have made eroding the rights of landowners one of their top priorities. 

Whether it is ranchers or energy developers Joe Biden and his cronies have made it very clear that he is coming for blood. 

But Joe Biden is furious after this Attorney General put him in his place over one alarming land grab.

Eroding the civil rights of American citizens

Last March, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced sweeping changes to federal regulations, including a new policy that would allow radical environmentalist groups that publicly oppose fossil fuels to lease land for “conservation use”. 

This tactic effectively takes away land from energy developers, and in some cases ranchers, who use this land for prospecting and cattle grazing. 

As a result of this major change, Americans across the nation are up in arms, as these changes completely upend their ability to do their job. 

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is among the throngs of furious Americans, and earlier this week, he spoke to Fox News about his outrage over these major changes to federal land policies. 

“They’re trying to argue that conservation now somehow fits within the definition of uses under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and trying to do it by rule,” Knudsen said.

“It’s just flagrantly in violation of federal law,” he added. “But they’re trying to do it on the sly.  They can’t get done what they want done in Congress and through the Senate, so they try to do it via rule.”

As Knudsen pointed out in his Fox News interview, President Biden and his radical regime are relying on executive rule to carry out major land grab operations, such as this one. 

Time and time again, Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C. have used this dubious tactic to achieve major public policy goals. 

President Biden’s failed attempt to forgive nearly half a trillion dollars in unpaid student loans is a prime example of how the regime is trying to get things done. 

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled repeatedly that Biden does not have supreme power over the federal government, yet this is not stopping the President.

Joe Biden’s abuse of executive power

Most American children learn about the three branches of government early on, yet the Democrat President of the United States seems to have missed this basic lesson – or simply forgot it.

The three separate and co-equal branches of government are the foundation of American government, and Biden’s use of executive fiat completely undermines this system. 

The Biden regime’s land grabs are an egregious violation of the Constitution and the civil rights of Americans.

The more that Joe Biden undermines the premise of co-equal branches of government, the more America’s federal government will delegitimize.

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