Joe Biden is furious after The Washington Post admitted Donald Trump can’t be blamed for this massive failure

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If there’s one thing Joe Biden has become famous for it’s his serial need to blame others for his failures.

No matter the issue or how clearly it is Biden’s fault he tries his best to blame someone else and that’s usually Donald Trump.

That’s why Joe Biden is furious after The Washington Post admitted Donald Trump can’t be blamed for this massive failure.

“Can’t be blamed”

It could be said that the last few weeks have been a literal train wreck for President Joe Biden and his regime.

A number of train derailments and other explosions have caused Americans to wonder just what is going on.

And the lack of response from President Biden or his regime, and most notably, the flippant, weeks-late response from Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, has certainly not helped.

The most covered of the multiple derailments has been the one in East Palestine, Ohio.

The damage and devastation from that derailment could last decades. 

So of course, President Biden and his regime blamed it on former President Donald Trump.

But unfortunately for Biden, his allies at the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post explained why Trump “can’t be blamed” for the East Palestine disaster.

This shocking piece from the usually reliable left-wing newspaper was in response to the Biden regime and Democrats trying to blame Trump for the disaster. 

Biden’s claim is that the Trump administration rolled back a train braking regulation that would have either lessened the environmental damage from the train derailment, or outright prevented it altogether.

A fact checker actually checks facts

But Washington Post “fact checker” and noted left-wing activist, Glenn Kessler, admitted that Biden regime’s claim is completely false.

Kessler published his fact-check piece entitled, “So far, Trump’s rollback of regulations can’t be blamed for Ohio train wreck.” 

The article analyzed every possible regulation change made by the Trump administration that could have possibly played a role in the East Palestine train derailment and its aftermath.

Specifically, there were but five regulation changes Kessler analyzed that could have played any role in the derailment – the revocation of rules regarding electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, decreasing the number of brake inspections, mandating at least two crew members on every train, a new safety inspection rule for railroad tracks, and the deregulation of ethylene oxide.

After conducting the analysis, Kessler admitted, “From our analysis, none of the regulatory changes made during the Trump administration at this point can be cited as contributing to the accident.”

A detailed analysis rebuts Biden and Buttigieg

Kessler clearly did his homework, and for once, The Washington Post chose facts over left-wing politics.

As Kessler explained point by point:

ECP brakes: Kessler cited NTSB chairwoman Jennifer Homendy, who unequivocally declared the ECP brake regulation would not have applied to the train that derailed in East Palestine.

Brake inspections: “There is no determination yet that the braking system played a role in the accident.” And actually, the preliminary NTSB report blamed the derailment on an overheated wheel bearing.

The two-member crew mandate: The derailed train actually had three crew members on board at the time of the derailment. “The 149-car train that derailed had two crew members plus a trainee on board.”

Track inspections: “The NTSB inspected the tracks, and the preliminary report makes no mention of any problems.”

Ethylene oxide: The proposed regulations the Trump administration did not adopt wouldn’t have applied in this case. “The rule concerned emissions by chemical plants, not the synthetic chemical released in the accident,” Kessler stated.

So once again, Joe Biden and his regime have been caught red handed with their proverbial pants down in another set of lies.

It’s becoming a pattern. 

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