Joe Biden is furious after a large, Democrat-controlled city blames him for this major storm

When it comes to the radical Left, the federal government is the ultimate authority.

It is their alpha and their omega, and any time they face hardship they immediately turn to the government for help, and Joe Biden is usually there with a confused smile ready to assist. 

But Joe Biden is furious after a large, Democrat-controlled city blames him for this major storm.

Poorly-run cities across America are falling apart

The sad truth is most major cities across America are run by Democrats and radical leftists.

As a result, these cities are falling to pieces as a result of out-of-control crime, poor infrastructure, and depleted public services. 

Not surprisingly, this has caused tens of thousands of hard-working, law abiding, and now Republican citizens to flee to freedom.

Also not surprisingly, the Democrats who are mismanaging these cities are not taking an ounce of responsibility. 

That is after all part of the victim philosophy pushed by the radical Left. 

It is always someone else’s fault.

Just take a look at what is happening right now in San Francisco, easily one of the most radical  left-wing cities in America. 

San Francisco is currently dealing with the impact of a nasty storm, which is rare but not unheard of for this coastal city. 

By all accounts, the response from the City of San Francisco has been an absolutely horrible nightmare. 

Citizens are reporting “sewer geysers”, slow response times, and communication backlogs. 

Instead of taking an ounce of responsibility, San Francisco is blaming the Joe Biden administration.

With special blame being placed on the National Weather Service, which is an executive branch agency. 

The city of San Francisco’s accusations are so ridiculous, that even the far-left liberal rag known as the San Francisco Chronicle is surprised. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Officials said that San Francisco was not prepared for the New Year’s Eve downpour because the National Weather Service indicated only half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain would fall. The Chronicle was unable to determine where that number came from based on NWS forecasts.”

“Yet, San Francisco had been included within the boundaries of a flood watch issued by the National Weather Service days in advance that encompassed the entire Bay Area, and NWS spokesperson Susan Buchanan disputed the characterization that the agency had failed to indicate the potential for serious rainfall.”

So, in a nutshell, the facts clearly show San Francisco authorities got plenty of warning about impending flooding yet they failed to prepare adequately. 

So of course, like good little socialists, instead of taking the blame, they immediately pointed the finger.  

It does not get any more leftist than that. 

San Francisco should be embarrassed by their behavior

The way San Francisco is handling this storm is childish, but not untypical for a group of radical Marxists. 

Blaming the National Weather Service for their poor response is, of course, absolutely insane. 

For years, San Francisco has wasted taxpayer dollars on multimillion dollar trash cans, school name changes, and free heroin needles, yet when a bad storm rolls through they are helpless. 

San Francisco and many other Democrat controlled cities have prioritized their political projects over basic services. 

The citizens of San Francisco deserve much better than to be run by a bunch of children who have no idea what they are doing. 

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