Joe Biden is forcing Border Patrol agents to fight for their lives

As it stands, the southern border is a complete and total mess. 

Every single day thousands of illegal aliens are pouring over the border, and with them comes drugs, cartel members, and a whole slew of problems. 

Now Joe Biden is forcing Border Patrol agents to fight for their lives.

The crisis at the southern border is reaching a fever pitch

There is no way to sugarcoat it, America’s southern border with Mexico is an absolute hellscape. 

Every single day thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens are flooding over the border, and the Democrats are tallying this invasion up as a “Republican talking point.” 

Make no mistake, what is happening at the border is not some political fabrication as Democrats would like you to believe. 

This was made painfully obvious when Border Patrol agents were forced to fight for their lives recently. 

Less than two miles from the San Luis Port of Entry, border patrol agents noticed a small group of men jumping the border. 

But what made this group particularly dangerous was the fact that one of them was heavily armed. 

This led border agents to approach the group, which eventually turned into a firefight leading to the armed illegal alien being shot and killed. 

It was later revealed that the armed man was a Mexican national. 

According to the Border Patrol, “The FBI, San Luis Police Department, Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General, and CBP’s OPR responded to the scene.”

Statistics gathered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that Border Patrol agents have come under attack by firearms 11 times in the last fiscal year. 

And in total, Border Patrol agents have come under attack and/or assault nearly 430 times, the highest in four years. 

Democrats can no longer deny that America is under attack

What ambushes like this one proves is that America is under attack at the southern border. 

Many illegal aliens are flooding into America heavily armed.  

These armed illegal aliens more often than not have other nefarious reasons for entry, including drug and human trafficking. 

Stopping the flood of illegal aliens must be a top priority for both federal and state officials. 

Unfortunately, many Democrats are refusing to admit that there is a problem in the first place. 

Many Democrats are chalking the border crisis up to a Republican talking point, which is clearly nonsense. 

Democrats are choosing to play politics over protecting America from massive influxes of fentanyl and terrorism, which is simply despicable. 

Now more than ever, America needs strong border security, and that begins with plugging up the gaps in the border wall that Joe Biden is refusing to fill. 

Not only is Joe Biden refusing to plug up the border, but his administration is also now threatening states like Arizona that are doing so on their own accord. 

The bottom line is that Joe Biden and his cronies are allowing America to be overrun with drugs and undocumented migrants, which are actively killing thousands of Americans. 

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