Joe Biden is following in Jimmy Carter’s footsteps with his disastrous energy policies

America is facing an energy crisis. 

The last time we faced such a severe crisis, Jimmy Carter was President. 

Now Joe Biden is following in Jimmy Carter’s footsteps with his disastrous energy policies.

When Jimmy Carter was President, America had a shortage in oil production due to foolish government policies. 

Under Carter, the government implemented price controls on oil, which disincentivized companies from producing oil. 

Thankfully, Ronald Regan defeated Carter in a landslide and repealed these policies, allowing the US energy market to flourish. 

Biden’s policies have killed the US energy sector

Now Biden is repeating Carter’s foolishness, only worse.

Instead of price controls, Biden is using crippling regulations and outright bans to make it more difficult to produce oil. 

He is taking his marching orders from radical environmentalists, while killing American jobs and driving up gas prices. 

The planet hasn’t benefited from these policies, but foreign governments hostile to American interests certainly have. 

The US was a major purchaser of Russian oil prior to the invasion of Ukraine, that led to a ban on importing Russian oil to the US. 

In an attempt to fill in the gap, Joe Biden visited leaders in Saudi Arabia to beg them to increase production. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major exporter of oil, as well as Islamic terrorism. 

Following Biden’s visit, the Saudi’s actually cut production. 

So Biden’s next move was to begin draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to artificially lower prices leading up to the midterm elections. 

The Strategic Reserve is meant to be used for serious national emergencies, such as a major war, not as a tool to manipulate prices for political gain. 

So now our emergency oil reserves are at an all-time low, at a time when the US has engaged in a proxy war in Ukraine with nuclear armed Russia, as the doomsday clock has ticked closer to midnight. 

Biden’s domestic and foreign policy are incredibly irresponsible. 

Joe Biden has put the interests of radical environmentalists over the American economy and even our national security. 

The fact is, there is absolutely no reason we should have to rely on oil from places like Russia and Saudi Arabia. 

There is more than enough oil on American soil and off our coasts to be completely energy independent.

All that needs to be done is for government barriers for drilling to be removed to make it happen. 

We could drop back down to reasonable prices at the pump and refill our strategic reserves. 

But Biden refuses to do this. 

Biden’s energy policy has put America last. 

Instead, he has doubled down, and is now trying to eradicate the coal industry as well, which produces 22% of American electricity.

America cannot afford to have a President who is beholden to radical environmentalists. 

Biden and those like him must be removed from office in 2024, the survival of our country depends on it.

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