Joe Biden is foaming at the mouth after hearing this devastating news

There is no way to sugar coat it, the last several weeks have been a complete train wreck for Joe Biden’s administration. 

Scandal after scandal has plagued the administration and everything they have attempted to do. 

Now Joe Biden is foaming at the mouth after hearing this devastating news. 

Joe Biden’s Presidency and legacy is in a complete free fall

Joe Biden took office almost exactly two years ago now, and these first two years have been nothing short of a complete and total disaster. 

But now Joe Biden is facing what is almost certainly to be his biggest problem yet, the scandal surrounding his mishandling of classified documents.

Every day this problem seems to get worse for Biden, who has been caught in one lie after another in trying to explain away the controversy. 

Things have gotten so bad for Joe Biden – many legal experts now believe Biden could be facing serious legal issues in the very near future. 

One such legal expert is George Washington University (GWU) law professor Jonathan Turley. 

In a recent interview with Fox News digital, Turley claimed, “We do not know what the evidence will show” and that the “most serious discovery would be evidence that Biden worked off their documents or removed them from their classification folders.”

Turley added, “That would not only destroy the ‘inadvertence’ defense but make his public comments potentially deceitful of both the public and investigators. While gross mishandling does not require evil intent, unintentional violations are often addressed outside of the criminal justice system. The most serious violations have been prosecuted where the material was intentionally removed.”

Witnesses to a criminal investigation

But what Turley said next will send shivers down Joe Biden’s spine. 

Turley closed with, “Intent can be established not only at the time of the removal but during the storage of the documents.  If these documents were used or knowingly possessed over the six years, it would qualify as an intentional act to unlawfully possess the material. Moreover, those lawyers are now likely witnesses in a criminal investigation.” 

These claims from Turley show that this case involving Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is no laughing matter, despite what the so-called “mainstream” media wants you to think. 

Complicating the matter for Joe Biden is the shocking news that his wayward son Hunter paid a whopping $50,000 per month in rent for the Delaware home where the documents were discovered.

Meaning Hunter had access to these classified documents, many of which involved Ukraine and Communist China, two countries paying Hunter an outrageous amount of money for “consulting.”

Law enforcement must get to the bottom of these crimes as soon as possible

At this point, it seems fairly obvious that Joe Biden and his goons committed a number of crimes just in this particular scandal alone. 

The good news is, Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to handle this investigation, which should mean that the odds for a fair investigation are much higher. 

But most Americans aren’t holding their breath thinking this could result in any real action.

That’s why, along with the Department of Justice’s investigation, House Republicans must use their new majority to get to the bottom of this growing scandal. 

Joe Biden must be reminded that nobody is above the law, and he ought to pay the price for overtly breaking the law. 

It will be interesting to see if any more classified documents emerge, which would result in even more headaches for Joe Biden and his allies. 

Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do, and the American public deserves to know why he thinks he is above the law. 

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