Joe Biden is delaying ANOTHER oil and gas lease sale and the reason why will drive you crazy

Americans’ pain at the pump is not going away any time soon.

Now the Fake News Media is making a big deal about Biden’s angry letter to oil companies about their profits.

But Biden should look in a mirror since he’s delaying ANOTHER oil and gas lease sale and the reason why will drive you crazy.

Biden wants to bite the hand that’s feeding him

In Biden’s ranty letter to oil companies like ExxonMobil Corp., BP, and Shell he wrote, “My administration is prepared to use all reasonable and appropriate federal government tools and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity and output in the near term, and to ensure that every region of this country is appropriately supplied.”

While this thinly veiled threat may indeed be true, it’s not entirely true.

According to Department of Justice court filings, Biden’s administration recently asked a federal court to uphold its ban on new federal oil and gas leasing.

And in April and as gas prices started to rapidly climb, the Department of the Interior (DOI) did schedule six oil and gas lease sales, which also happened to be the first sale to occur during the Biden administration.

Now while this is one small step towards boosting America’s domestic energy production, the Biden administration is fighting tooth and nail to take two steps back.

Biden bows again

The Interior Department spokesperson Melissa Schwartz claimed that the only reason the sale is happening in the first place is because the court injunction filed against them, by more than a dozen states, almost eleven months previously finally forced them to do it.

Schwartz also failed to tell the media why the administration was continuing to argue for the ban when the average price of gas is now consistently staying above five dollars a gallon.

Now while the Biden administration has approved the sale of six of these leases, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which oversees the onshore lease sales, delayed four of these sales to resolve legal protests by the Sierra Club and Western Environmental Law Center.

These environmental leftists argued in court that the agency needed to do an environmental review before they could continue with the sale.

And with the Soros-backed Sierra Club filing containing nearly thirteen thousand pages of comments from the group’s members opposing the sale, the Biden administration was only too happy to delay it.

When asked about the delay, the President of the fossil fuel industry group Western Energy Alliance Kathleen Sgamma said, “After a year and a half of the Biden ban on leasing, what’s another week or two? I’m not terribly concerned that the sales have been delayed for a matter of days up to a few weeks . . . I’ll only become concerned if they get delayed again or don’t happen at all this month.”

As reassuring as Sgamma’s words may be, the Biden administration has been more than happy to do whatever the tree-hugging hippie supporters have asked them to do.

And with the reinstatement of the Obama-era’s sue and settle policies, it’s become even easier for leftists to “force” the Biden administration to hamper domestic oil production, just as they did with BP’s Whiting refinery in Indiana.

Whether or not the sale of these oil and gas leases will ever happen during Biden’s Presidency remains to be seen.

But what we do know is that Joe Biden and the Democrats are lying to us when they say that they’re doing everything possible to bring down gas prices.

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