Joe Biden is considering declaring a national health emergency for this entirely political reason

After just over a year in the White House, Joe Biden is already one of the worst Presidents in American history. 

With an average approval rating of about 38% and every measurable aspect of the economy in freefall, Biden has destroyed everything Trump managed to accomplish. 

But to make matters worse, Biden is now considering using this emergency power for purely political reasons. 

The purpose of emergency powers and why abusing them is so dangerous

Emergency powers are designed to be used in true and honest emergencies when the slow pace of politics needs to be circumvented to avoid a national crisis. 

For example, if the United States was under attack by a hostile foreign nation, then these emergency powers would be appropriate. 

These emergency powers of the Presidency were never designed to be used for partisan reasons, as they completely undermine the government’s systems of checks and balances. 

Such checks and balances are the foundation of America’s unique style of government and by removing even one of these checks or balances, one branch will become too powerful and undermine the Constitution. 

Joe Biden threatens to use emergency powers to promote abortion

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden is threatening to do just that. 

In response to the leaked opinion from the Supreme Court that suggests the court is ready to effectively overturn the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision, Biden has threatened to use emergency powers to “protect” doctors who perform abortions. 

Just look at what Biden said on national television recently.

While on the seldom viewed Jimmy Kimmel show a little while back, Biden declared “It’s just ridiculous in my view and I don’t think the country will stand for it, but I think what we’re going to have to do, there are some executive orders I could employ, we believe, we’re looking at that right now.”

And in more recent days, Biden has suggested using emergency powers to protect doctors who perform abortion procedures, if any states are to outlaw abortion. 

Why this move is so dangerous

These threats from Joe Biden are not just corrupt, but very dangerous. 

Emergency powers were never designed to protect doctors who murder children, and if the founding fathers knew about these all-powerful acts then they would be spinning in their graves. 

The truth of the matter is that Joe Biden does not give a rip about the Constitution despite taking an oath to protect and defend it. 

Threatening to circumvent the United States’ Constitution in order to allow for more abortions to be performed is disgusting and disgraceful. 

If this is not impeachable behavior, then nothing is at this point, well, that is unless you are a Republican. 

Having said that, these anti-American behaviors from the White House are not sitting well with the American public. 

As it stands, Joe Biden has an average approval rating of about 38%, which is the worst of any sitting President in modern history. 

The truth is, Joe Biden is extremely unpopular with Americans, and this November Americans have a chance to rebuke Biden’s extremist agenda. 

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