Joe Biden is beside himself after striking union workers revealed their true feelings about the “pro-union” President

Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture, Public Domain via Flikr

The battle to secure the votes of working class Americans in 2024 is heating up.

And it’s not going the way Democrats expected.

Now Joe Biden is beside himself after striking union workers revealed their true feelings about the “pro-union” President.

In a surprising twist, many striking, unionized autoworkers are doubting whether President Joe Biden’s “pro-union” claims are actually true.

During interviews with over twenty union workers in Michigan and Ohio, who are on strike from Ford and Jeep companies, a common theme emerged – inflation has eaten away at their wages, causing them to question their place in the middle class, and they’re placing the blame squarely on President Biden’s shoulders.

Jennifer Banks, a striking worker who previously voted for Biden, expressed her skepticism.

“I can’t tell when he speaks to the public if he’s being told to say it or if he’s genuinely saying it,” Banks explained.

This sentiment highlights an ongoing challenge for Biden’s re-election campaign.

Democrats are eager to hold onto the working class supporters they have left after three years of inflation and high-interest rates have left them questioning what their support for Democrats has actually got them in return.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump continues to appeal to union voters with his tough stance on Communist China, immigration, and his resistance to woke extremist’s job-killing priorities, like their electric vehicle mandates, which will cause thousands of U.S. auto workers to lose their jobs.

Beverly Brown, a strike captain in Ohio who also voted for Biden, echoed the sentiment, explaining that she doesn’t believe the President is doing enough for the working class.

The recent strike involving 13,000 workers at Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis North America plants across the midwest, highlights the discontent amongst many working class Ameircans, particularly auto workers.

They’re demanding significant raises – such as a 40% hourly wage increase that would balloon the average salary from $78,000 to $300,000 at Ford – a four-day, 32-hour work week, an end to the two-tier pay system, and the restoration of other benefits.

Despite Biden’s insistence on spinning his economic failures as so-called “Bidenomics,” as well as his supposed attempts to “create” industrial jobs and reduce income gaps by focusing on infrastructure, high tech, and clean energy, many workers feel the working class is being forgotten.

Garth Potrykus, a long-time electrician at Ford, lamented the vanishing middle class, and criticized Ford’s efforts to hire temporary workers at wages below fast-food rates – which wouldn’t happen if not for Democrat policies.

The general consensus amongst working class Americans is that Biden’s policies have only increased income inequality, saying it feels like there’s the super rich and then the poor, with no one in between.

The divide between union workers and the Democrat Party isn’t new.

Many union members don’t necessarily align with Democrats, who regularly support policies that suppress the working class’ pay.

Data shows that although union bosses bend over backwards to support Democrats and their lip service to working class Americans, many rank and file union members vote Republican because of the real issues at hand.

Trump won roughly 40% of the votes available in union households during the 2020 election by emphasizing issues like illegal immigration that resonate with some union members.

As this battle for working class support intensifies, it remains to be seen whether Joe Biden can convince pro-union workers that he’s their champion, or if Donald Trump will continue to win them over with actual policies that will help make their lives better.

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