Joe Biden hit the ceiling after this bombshell report exposed another major 2024 election issue for his campaign

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden is hanging onto the Democrat Presidential nomination by a thread.

With many of his closest allies starting to openly discuss the need to replace him the last thing he needs is more bad news.

And Joe Biden hit the ceiling after this bombshell report exposed another major 2024 election issue for his campaign.

Americans want nothing to do with electric vehicles 

Democrats and ruling class RINOs have funneled astonishing sums to fight back against what they call a “climate crisis.” 

One common theme in these expensive policies involves the incorporation of electric vehicles into every facet of society. 

Some Democrat-controlled states, such as California, have even gone as far as to pass measures practically forcing people to buy electric cars in the future. 

Yet, studies show that the vast majority of Americans want absolutely nothing to do with electric vehicles, despite the best efforts of the Left. 

According to Fast Company, the exorbitant cost of electric vehicles combined with the dilapidated infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles have caused many to stick with their gas-powered cars. 

Fast Company cited a Harvard Business School study that found that one in five electric vehicle charging stations in America do not work. 

In some parts of America, thieves have even started to ransack these charging stations, stealing valuable copper wire, and rendering them useless. 

On top of the poor electric vehicle infrastructure that exists in most parts of America, electric cars also remain very expensive. 

Nonetheless, President Joe Biden and his regime have taken steps to make electric vehicles even more expensive. 

Fast Company reported that, “Making matters worse for potential buyers, many EVs are likely to get a lot more expensive. Spooked by the potential of cheap Chinese cars flooding the market, the Biden administration has increased the tax rate on imported EVs to 102.5% this year from 27.5% before.”

With these factors in mind, it should come as no surprise that many Americans do not want to make the switch to electric vehicles. 

Biden and his allies are very out of touch

The Biden regime’s persistence on the electric car front reveals just how out of touch Biden and his Democrat allies are with working class Americans. 

Over the last several years, the prices of most goods and services have skyrocketed, depleting the budgets of working Americans. 

The last thing these people need or want are new expensive vehicles that they often cannot even use due to problems with charging ports. 

It appears to many that Biden and his cronies in the White House do not care about the added costs that electric vehicles present to taxpayers.

At the beginning of Joe Biden’s term, his problem-plagued Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg even went as far as to claim that if people bought new electric vehicles, then they would not have to worry about the surge in gas prices. 

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